Singapore Trip (14 – 16 December 2013)

Our trip to Singapore was by far the best ever holiday for the kids.  There were many firsts for the kids — first time to Singapore, first time on a privately chartered boat, first time having BBQ on a boat, first time really swimming in the sea and playing games with a group of friends on the beach, first time sitting on a sea hammock (as shown in the second picture) and first time experiencing a surprise birthday party!  Cass was on the upper most deck of the boat, seated next to the ‘gwai lo’ captain most of the time.  She really had a wonderful time trying her hands navigating the boat.  She loved it up there, though it was pretty dark up there and it was drizzling most of the time that night.

The main purpose of our trip to Singapore was to give our long time pal a surprise birthday party.  His wife organized this party impeccably, with perfection in the entire itinerary and made our stay in Singapore tremendously pleasant and unforgettable. A total of 4 families with kids, including our family made up the troop in the surprise birthday party on board the boat.  All of us later stayed in our friend’s bungalow in Marina Cove.

Our friend stays at Marina Cove in Sentosa Island.  Her bungalow is situated next to the sea.  Her plan for the surprise birthday party was to charter a small boat with all her hubby’s male friends on the small boat berthing at the backyard of her house.  From there, the group of friends sailed to the nearby wharf at Marina Club, which is minutes away from their house, to join another group in another bigger boat.




When the birthday guy saw us (the other whole jing gang — wives and kids of his buddies on the other boat opposite their boat), the expression on his face was priceless!!  The group of guys then moved to the bigger boat to join us — as shown in the third picture.


We then sailed to a nearby beach to have some really crazy time playing like kids!   One of the items in the itinerary was to throw the birthday guy into the sea with his clothes on and guess what?   A ‘copycat crime’ was to happen the next day which was disastrous!!


We had a BBQ dinner on the boat, followed by tossing with wine, lots of snacks, cheese, grapes and lots of merry and laughter.  The night ended with a very interesting ‘bidding/auctioning for gifts’ game.  The presents that our friend bought for this game was impeccably chosen as well.


Despite all the fun on the boat, I was feeling yucky — had a very colicky tummy, headache (exposed to long period to the sun!) and worst of all — SEASICK!! Bummer!

At one point, I was on the verge of throwing up during the 5-hour ride on the boat.  A nap on the sea hammock (where just below the hammock was the sea and above me was the sky) helped to ease the nauseous feeling.

From the  berth where we were to walk to the beach, we had to walk BARE-FOOTED on hot and hard tarred road, uneven pavements and sand to the beach!  Gawd, I have not walk bare-footed in such conditions for yonks!  And it was the girls’ first time walking bare-footed in that situation — got some”ouches” and “I DON’T WANT” from Cass but after a short while, she was walking on her own merrily again.

After a 3-hour fun on the beach, we had to walk bare-footed all the way back to the berth to take the boat back to Marina Club.  While walking back to the berth, we witnessed a very beautiful sunset and I just had to take this picture with hubs 🙂


To be continued…





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