Eventful Night At Marina Bay Sands, Singapore (15 December 2013)

On our second night in Singapore, we went to the world-famous Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort to check out the spectacular night view of the structure as well as to watch the breath-taking multimedia laser show (Wonder Full light and water show). The spectators had to be seated at the door steps, facing the waterfront. In case you do not already know, the casino at Marina Bay Sands is billed as the world’s most expensive standalone casino property at US$5.7 billion.

I was awestruck with the magnificent beauty of the Marina Bay Sands structure and quickly whipped up my Samsung phone to snap pix but shit, I only realized then that my phone battery was already running low at 10% with a warning flashing each time I snapped pix.  How wonderful!!  So there I was standing at a foreign place, trying to wait for my phone to switch to camera mode at slow motion pace and lo and behold, when I was done snapping the pix, my hubs, 3 daughters and group of friends were no where in my sight! GREAT!  And thanks to Miss Itchy Hands who spoilt her daddy’s handphone when she pushed him into the pool, I could not call the hubster!  Double whammy!  If you had been to Marina Bay Sands, you will know how gigantic this place is. I looked everywhere and all I could see was a sea of people swarming the waterfront, waiting for the laser show to begin. I panicked. I didn’t know where to walk to but just  walked up and down anyway, trying my luck to spot familiar faces. Thank God after a panicky 15 minutes, I finally saw the hubs. I felt like hollering and cursing him for leaving me behind, aaaargh! @$#!!

A word of caution, if you are going to this place with young kids (and any crowded place for that matter), please please do hold on to their hands.  Our friend almost lost her son that night.  We were going to the washroom. She was with her 3 kids. The 2 younger kids were bickering and then the brother just left the sister and tried to walk back to the waterfront. At the washroom when we were queuing up, the sister suddenly cried. My friend became frantic when she could not find her son and asked the girl where her brother was. She was sobbing and sobbing and could not tell.  Panic button was pressed. All of us in the washroom became panicky. My friend could not get through to her hubby on her phone and another friend also tried to call but in vain.  Finally, the call went through and her hubby went searching for the boy.  Thank God for watching over the boy and my friend’s hubby managed to find the boy *cold sweat dribbling down forehead*

Enough of drama ranting.  Enjoy the pix taken at Marina Bay Sands.  The first two pictures were copied from Google Images as my Samsung phone is not capable of snapping crystal clear pix taken outdoor at night.




The laser show at Marina Bay Sands…








After the laser show, we did some shopping. I bought a pair of Zara jeans for Alycia which cost me RM149 and today, I saw a similar pair of jeans at MNG online selling at a discounted price at RM49! Lesson learned.  Never buy from Singapore when the item is not on sale.

Next, we went to Master Toast for supper and the finale was the 2 tubs of Haagen Dazs ice-cream that the hubs bought for the kids, which they enjoyed eating whilst watching this waterfall inside the mall at Marina Bay Sand.

Marina sands
We drove to Orchard Road to check out the X’mas lighting and decor at the shopping malls on our way back to Sentosa Island to our friend’s house.



2 thoughts on “Eventful Night At Marina Bay Sands, Singapore (15 December 2013)

  1. So, the seating in the light and water show is first come first serve right? Do you know the schedule?

    phew .. drama with kids again … I get nervous when I go to crowded places with kids. I have a name tag and phone no to put around their wrists.

    1. CL, I was told that the show will be on at 830pm every nite. But I think you can google for the info. My kids all know our phone nos & house add. by hard and I keep telling them what to do if they ever get lost in a mall 🙂

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