New Year’s Eve & Happy 2014

Though I had a very turbulent time in 2013, I must say that the last few days of 2013 were one of my best for the year.  I’ve had innumerable depressing days contributed by the kids, online business and family matters but I’m glad that I managed to surmount them all and my head was above the water during these turbulent times.  Patience and acceptance of fact are the key to happiness.  Though many of the problems seem to be dormant and subdued now, I know that they will erupt again, without warning. But since I have handled them countless of times, I think I should be able to deal with them as and when they spew out again 😀

On New Year’s Eve, we checked into Best Western Dua Sentral Hotel with our gang of friends.  Upon check-in, the kids could not wait to join their friends to have some splashing good time in the pool.


After a dip in the pool and a shower, we went to Unique Seafood Restaurant to have dinner.

With good food, good wine and good friends around us, what more can we ask for on the last day of the year?

I love the grilled squids and that plate cost us a frigging RM80!  Abuden, but it was New Year’s Eve, so just whack only la and recover later, haha!

The total damage for this seafood dinner was about RM2,400 for 12 adults and 8 kids.

Unique 1


We ordered crabs cooked in 3 delish styles — spring onions and ginger, sweet and sour and salted duck’s eggs.  I like the duck’s eggs one the best and it’s the most fattening one too o_O   The surprising thing about this holiday is that though I had indulged in so much sinful grub and slackened in my exercise so badly, my weight remains unchanged!! 😀

Unique 2


After a scrumptious seafood dinner at Unique, we went back to the hotel to count down, with more wine.  From our room, we could watch fireworks display at the stroke of midnight from various spots.  For over 10 years, this same group of friends and us would count down and celebrate the New Year together.  Before we all had kids, we used to  celebrate in pubs and discos. Now that most of us have kids, we would count down at either our condo or at a hotel.

Countdown 1


After breakfast at the hotel on 1.1.2014, the kids headed for the pool again.  What’s the best thing about a holiday to the kids? The pool of course, and nothing else! They were not even hungry when they were in the pool, though it was way past their meal times.

Hubs and I were too lazy to get wet in the pool and shower again, so we got J, who is still a bachelor and with a girlfriend, to babysit Cass in the pool haha!  He passed with flying colors we told him 😀  While J entertained Cass and the kids played among themselves, we adults sipped coffee and juices by the pool.
Countdown 3


Awesome view of the KL skyline from the 6th floor of the hotel…

Countdown 0


And the hardest part about a holiday with this group of friends is to get the kids to get out from the pool!!  They seem to have selective hearing and no matter how many times we hollered “last 5 minutes kids”, no one seemed to have heard us!
Countdown 4


After checking out from the hotel, hubs brought us to China Town (Petaling Street) to hunt for street food. I almost wanted to strangle him for making me walk for almost an hour under the hot sun, looking for street food on a scorching hot sweltering day, aaargh!  Didn’t he even know that his wife is allergic to the sun meh?? Abuden, couldn’t strangle him nor complain too loudly, lest I appear like a spoilt brat in front of our friends muahahaha!

First stop was at this unassuming and dilapidated stall that sells pretty good chee cheong fun.  We had to sit on filthy chairs with sticky stained tables to eat. Some of us had to sit on an old wooden structure (as shown in below pic) to eat.  The stall is located opposite the famous Air Mata Kuching stall and a stall that sells Hello Kitty merchandise.  And our final stop was at  Nam Heong chicken rice — finally a place with air cond to cool me down!   The hubs had wanted to bring us for beef noodles but the stall was closed so we had to walk all the way back to where we were from under the HOT SUN!
Countdown 2
That was how we spent our New Year’s Eve and first day of 2014.  The kids enjoyed themselves to the max this school holidays. I am so glad that we are back to reality and back to the grind.    Holiday = money.  Oh yes, he also spent a few thousand bucks for the girls’ return-to-school fees and expenses as well as the usual monthly tuition fees and all that jazz in the first week of the new year.  Hubs needs to recoup all that was spent.  This year, hubs is planning for an overseas trip in November 2014!  I’ll see if this materializes…



7 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve & Happy 2014

  1. i like best western hotel – stayed the same one you did for a girls night in. just nice and comfortable 🙂 happy new year to you!

  2. I am like you too, a puteri lilin. I hate walking under the sun for even 5 minutes, and I would complaint like s**t, and you could even walk for 1 hour? OMG.. Haha, but yes, you can’t complaint much coz you will look like a spolied datin infront of your friends (and kids), totally understand..

    Couldn’t agree more with you, holiday = money.. Or chut-kai = money?

  3. same here … I hate walking under the hot sun .. then, also can’t complaint, can show my black face lo … the man said I always nag and complain .. I can see your hubs ordering, satu lagi, boss !

    Happy new year to you ..

    1. I wish I were living in Germany like you = cool weather on almost all days! Yup, he was ordering another cup of Air Mata Kuching lol!

  4. how nice of your hub to bring you around KL. I missed Petaling street but fussy hub would never wanna step his foot into a hot and dangerous place like that 🙁

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