Ting Xie (Chinese Spelling)

Last night, Cass was in the mood to study for her Ting Xie (Chinese spelling) for today. If I don’t ask, this girl will not study but lately, she’s been pretty good, thanks to the in-house timetable that we have both agreed on.

She wrote the 8 words for Ting Xie on a tiny piece of paper measuring about 3.5 x 3.5cm and wrote the Chinese words with Han Yu Pin Yin so tiny that I could barely read them.

Cass – mummy, please test me on my ting xie. This is the paper.

Me – hello, I can’t read the words. They are SO small!

* Cass then sauntered to Alycia’s room and fetched the magnifying glass *

Cass – here’s the magnifying glass. Quick test me.

After testing her on the words…

Cass – mum, I am in high spirits today. I think I can score 100% for my Ting Xie tomorrow! 💪

And yes she did score a 100% for her Ting Xie today. She’s so happy 🙂


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