It’s Getting Real

Two more hours to go and I’ll be wheeled to the OT. As the time is approaching, my heart beats faster and faster! ย The rumblings of my tummy to retaliate hunger compound matters. I only had 3 slices of white bread with strawberry jam, 2 packets of Izumio and 1 cup of Milo at 6:30 a.m. this morning. No dinner for last night.

I am starting to have the familiar jitters I get each time I am wheeled to the OT. I have gone through this 4 times and this is my 5th time. The pre-surgery prep is all done, including an ECG this morning. The insertion of the IV line will be done at the OT itself this time.

I didn’t get to sleep well the entire night last night. After 2 dosages of Pico Salax oral bowel prep yesterday evening, I had to run to the bathroom every 2 hourly. By the time I was done with it and with all the washing, I couldn’t fall back into slumber again. It was really hard for me to fall asleep in the room with lights turned on and the moment I fell into a deep sleep, I was awoken by strong urges to evacuate. Plus the huge wall clock in my room ticks away pretty loudly too, which is annoying.

Please pray for me dearies and stay tuned for updates on the surgery. Hopefully I’ll be feeling well enough to sit up and type away right away! ๐Ÿ™‚

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