Our Saturday – 29 July 2017

This morning, Drama Queen complained to me that her Alycia che che wore her new and unworn North Star white canvas shoes to school. She was fuming. Both Alycia and Drama Queen share clothes and shoes but the fact that her che che wore her new shoes to school without asking her was just overboard. I would be angry too coz that big princess has a habit of wearing our new shoes without asking our permission.. and she once wore my new black leather Nike shoes without asking my permission!

After Alycia and Drama Queen left the house, I found this note on Alycia’s table, which sent me laughing like a hyena 😂

It reads:  “Smart move. But you ain’t gonna take my shoes again (smirk laugh emoticon). You think I don’t need to wear these shoes to school? Then what (do) I wear, huh? (fuming face emoticon)  Wear your own shoes, hunny”


That’s why I give her the apt moniker of Drama Queen as she’s really good in expressing her thoughts in the most dramatic of ways… and in the most hilarious way too. I just have to love this girl 😁

While waiting for me to hang out the laundry before our breakfast at our favorite coffee shop, Cass ate fruits and did a Chinese test paper. She fared badly in her Chinese writing paper earlier this week. She now has 3 more papers to score well next week to help pull her marks up in order to get a fairly good positioning in her class / standard, which can be pretty hard as she’s competing with a bunch of really smart kiddos.  Oh well… whatever will  be will be 🙂

Fruits of super sweet Canadian blueberries, Aussie strawberries, South African orange and Malaysian rambutan 😋

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