Fruitful Wednesday

Today has been a fruitful day for me.  The context of fruitful to me means every item on my Daily To Do list is ticked off and everything goes smoothly without any stumbling block  😇

After my morning run, I took a quick shower, did a second round of laundry, had a real quick breakfast of DURIAN (hehe!) with green tea, heated up food for Drama Queen and Cass for lunch and zoomed off to school to drop off their lunch boxes. Today is their CoCo day in school.

Lunch for Drama Queen and Cass today consists of braised boneless chicken breast with potatoes and carrots with rice, which the mil cooked last evening. She carefully deboned the chicken thighs so that her two much-loved grand daughters could gobble down their lunch fuss-free within the short 20 minutes during break time.

After dropping off the lunch boxes in school, I drove to the post office to tick this task that’s been on my To Do list for AGES. I finally changed my voting venue. From day 1 that I got my IC, the address on my IC had been my parents’ house address in Ipoh. In my years of perpetual busyness, I never had the time to go to JPN to change the address on my IC until Drama Queen turned 12 in February this year, which meant that I had NO CHOICE but to drag her to JPN to have her IC done and since I was there, I got the address on my IC changed.  So yeah, I can finally exercise my right as a Malaysian and vote for the first time at the voting location of where I stay, YAY!!  It’s plastered everywhere on social media that the ‘date’ of the 14th GE is now on Oct 13 2017. No? Yes? Whatever. But I’m excited that I’ll be voting for the first time. Hehe.. malunya.

For those of you who have always wanted to change the venue of your voting location, you don’t necessarily have to go to the respective Government departments and go through the dreaded process. You can do it at any Pos Malaysia offices that are computerized.   If you are not sure whether the post office at your area is computerized, just google for the contact number of the said post office and give them a call to find out.

It was pretty fast. I got everything done at the post office in under 20 minutes, including waiting time.  And my prayer was answered again. I got a nice shady parking spot just a few seconds walk away to the post office 🙂

Next up was the tailor’s place. Cass has been bugging me to bring her favorite canvass backpack to the tailor to have the straps sewn up as the straps gave way.

After the tailor’s place, I dropped by the bakery to get a cake for Alycia’s friend’s mum to thank her for fetching Alycia to the tuition center for the past few weeks.

And finally, I collected Cass’ eye glasses from the shop.  Cass had her eyes checked on Sunday and she’s slightly myopic on one of her eyes. The optician told me that I can leave it alone but it would be better if Cass wore the glasses whenever she needs to read. I choose to nip the problem in the bud to prevent the eye sight from deteriorating.

Later in the evening, I took Drama Queen to the hair salon to have her hair cut. Today is yet another ‘Today in History’ day for me as Drama Queen asked for her almost waist-length hair to be cut short. Yes short! Really short as in at chin-length!! No one in the family believed that she was serious at cutting her hair short, coming from someone who would bawl and create a big, big drama at the hair salon each time she’s dragged to the hair salon.  I’ll write a separate post on that soon. Stay tuned! 😉

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