Precious Locks Finally Chopped

16 August 2017: Today in history, my second daughter was willing to have her beloved hair at almost waist length cut short.

Everyone was in disbelief when Drama Queen announced last week that she wanted to cut her hair to chin-length to donate it to Locks of Hope. In the past, she would bawl like a baby and create a big scene at the hair salon each time she was forced and dragged to the salon by her dad and grandma. She created so much drama, fuss and river of tears at the salon till her dad and grandma gave up. The hairdresser who cut her hair felt so bad and was almost in tears too on seeing how utterly shattered the little sobbing girl was . After the 2 ugly scenes at the hair salon, Drama Queen learned how to cut her hair on her own. I only found out that she’s been cutting her hair herself when I saw traces of bits of hair scattered in the bathroom. Upon grilling her relentlessly, she finally admitted. And I must say that she’s really good at cutting her own hair; layered some more! Drama Queen hated hair salons and hated all the hairdressers at our neighborhood. She loved her long precious locks too much to let anyone cut it. She told me that she didn’t trust any hairdresser with her hair as there isn’t a single time that she’s totally satisfied after the hair cut.

So what made Drama Queen make an about-turn? From pro-long hair to pro-short hair?

1. Her long time desire to donate her hair so that some cancer patients could have a wig made from her hair.
2. A few years ago at the height of coercing her to cut short her hair, her grandma threw her a challenge – that if she agreed to have her hair cut short, she would get 10 novels of her choice from grandma.
3. A challenge by her friend in a Truth or Dare game

I kept asking Drama Queen if she was absolutely certain on her decision to have her hair cut short as there is no turning back except to wait for a year for the hair to grow long again, to which she reassured me that she will have zilch regret. For days, she kept bugging me to bring her to the hair salon. She even prepared a brand new Ziplock bag to keep her hair.

And so here she is, fresh from her hair cut at the hair salon. And she’s so proud of herself for taking this leap of faith.

Here’s a hundred brownie points to you my dear Sherilyn. I’m proud of you. I know you have been waiting anxiously to see this post 😉

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