Wednesday – 13 Sept 2017

Today is day 3 of Drama Queen’s UPSR exam.  Subject tested today is Math. Tomorrow will be Science, followed by a no-exam day on Friday and finally the last paper will be Chinese on Monday.  On Monday, I can expect the house to be back to ‘normal’ with pandemonium and silly guffaw with Drama Queen jawing away with her stories and drama-of-the-day. I miss her knee-slapping antics too. And I can finally have my best helper back in the kitchen. I can also expect a hive of activity in the kitchen with Drama Queen resuming baking. I know she is raring to kick-start all her baking projects.

Today is a school off-day for Cass as the school needs the classes for UPSR candidates. After brekkie, Cass and I did grocery shopping. This girl is happiest when she goes grocery shopping with me. She has definitely inherited her dad’s DNA as she’s a real food lover; a gourmand and connoisseur in the making.

Lunch today is sandwich of wholemeal English muffin with chicken curry, tomato and cucumber.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday – 13 Sept 2017

  1. Yes still one more subject on coming Monday..How’s your drama queen doing with her UPSR so far ? My girl said Science Paper 1 is a bit tough..glad that the Maths and Science papers are in dual languages, it helps for those who are weak in Chinese subject.

    1. Hi Agnes, oh I didn’t know that it’s dual language! My Drama Queen didn’t inform me. She just told me that for Math and Science, Paper 1 for both subjects were quite easy. And Paper 2 quite tough. Cant wait for Monday to be over for Independence Day! haha!

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