My Saturday – 24 Sept 2016

After dropping Drama Queen at the tuition centre this morning, Cass and I had breakfast at our favorite supermarket to try out the food at a new stall that popped up just a few days ago.  It sells curry noodles, porridge, yam cake, tong sui, chicken balls and some deep fried delights.

Cass had porridge while I had curry noodles. Food was very tasty and betcha know why – they were loaded with salt and MSG!  Gawd, the chicken balls, curry noodles and porridge were super salty my tongue felt numb!  Our poor kidneys, hope they won’t get overworked with the overload of salt.  Cass and I have been pumping ourselves with so much water since we got home this morning.

After breakfast, we went grocery shopping.  The price of one staple item in my kitchen has skyrocketed since a month ago.  My favorite natural food enhancer – the garlic, is now something that not everyone can afford and will buy.  Garlic is now priced at RM14.99 for 1 kg, whereas big onions only cost RM2.99 for 1 kg.  Naturally, this stingy el cheapo ah soh has been boycotting garlic for about 2 weeks now. Why do I have to pay 5 times more for garlic?  The girls and I don’t mind having onions in all our dishes anyway.  Onions are from the same family as garlic anyway, and have the same potency and flavors.  I am going to stick with onions until the price of garlic comes down 😛

Pictured here is Drama Queen helping Cass with her Chinese language homework. See how bossy the Queen is.  Walaueh, I even had to bribe her for help *shakes head*

Whatsapp On Web

Call me a dungu but I only just found out from my sifu that there is now Whatsapp on Web. Yup, Whatsapp Chat can be downloaded onto your desktop computer and laptop. Have you been Whatsapping from your desktop computer too?

No wonder la, she can always reply me at lighting speed with really long messages! She’s been typing from her desktop keyboard while chatting on Whatsapp.  And I was wondering how she can type so fast.

I have never liked to use Whatsapp coz of the tiny keyboard on my phone. And darn the annoying auto-correct spelling which makes typing such a nuisance. Now I can Whatsapp friends and customers from my computer at lightning speed!

Just go to and download the app onto your computer. Then there will be a code for you to scan using your android phone from the Whatsapp Chat menu of your android phone. I was stuck with scanning the code and I went to You Tube for visual help. Within seconds of bringing my phone to my desktop screen, TING and the Whatsapp chat appeared on my computer… like a magic wand doing its magic work! Amazing!!

Try it and see.  The whole process won’t take you 5 minutes now that I have told you  how to do it 😀



Breakfast And Lunch On A Busy Wednesday – 21 Sept 2016

Today has been a very, very hectic day. It doesn’t help that my Aunt Flow is visiting. And she’s been really bothersome today with a heavy flow. Another thing that’s bothering me is this big zit right smack in the middle of my right cheek!! And it looks SO prominent on my pale colored skin. Dang the PMS hormones! Today the zit has shrunk a little after I applied Izumio on it, along with Melaleuca oil. Yesterday it was sorely sitting on my cheek screaming out to everyone for attention! For someone who hardly gets zits, the sight of it on my cheek is really disturbing.  Did I also tell you that Izumio works very well with controlling  period pain? Just a packet yesterday along with a massage on my abdomen with peppermint essential oil and the nagging cramp in my uterus slowly dissipated.

Since I felt a tad bloated and lacking in appetite this morning, I ate something really light – a piece of organic buckwheat seaweed cracker…

Also had a small bowl of buckwheat puffs with toasted almond slices, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

Lunch was wat tarn meehoon with squid + minced pork + Chinese cabbage  + yau mark veggie + egg sauce.  The sauce was cooked last night, for dinner with organic pumpkin yee mee.  Today, I blanched some meehoon and yau mark veggie and that’s lunch for Cass and me.

Mum’s 70th Birthday Celebration

My mum celebrated her 70th birthday in KL this year.  My parents and younger brother, Roy arrived from Taiwan on Friday afternoon. They had earlier gone on a week-long cruise from Taiwan to Okinawa in Japan.  Thank God they survived a nauseous and choppy ride on board a cruise liner amidst Typhoon Meranti when she lashed out on Taiwan last week!  On Friday too, my elder brother and his family arrived from Singapore to join us in the 2-day celebration.

To be able to turn 70 and celebrate it with your spouse, children and grandchildren is a blessing from God and indeed an occasion that must be celebrated with grandeur.  I wish I can do that too when I roll into the big 70.

Hubs got mum a sumptuous black sesame chocolate cake from Les Deux Garcons.

The birthday dinner was held at Unique Seafood Restaurant, PJ.   Hubs booked a room with karaoke coz mum wanted to serenade and dance the whole night! Yep my mum and dad are still sizzling hot even in their 70s. They occasionally dance and sing all night long at parties.

Fresh blanched prawns was really succulent and juicy.

Braised house-made tofu with fish maw and seaweed.

Juicy Scottish clams / razor clams with garlic and glass noodles.

Patin fish caught from a river in Pahang.

The gourmand hubs bought this RM400 fish from his friend.  As the Patin was really huge, we had half the fish that night and brought the other half to our regular restaurant and had it steamed for lunch the next day.

Baked crabs with salted duck’s eggs.

Claypot crabs.

A birthday dinner will never be complete without the longevity noodles dish.

And steamed ‘sau thoe pau’ (pau in the shape of peach) which signifies longevity too.

May God bless my dad and mum with many, many more happy birthdays.

Dad and mum belting out and twisting to the tune of Gangnam Style by Psy. I never knew dad could twist like someone in his 20s though he’s already 73!!

Alycia and Cass made cards for their granny but Drama Queen who has a little Picasso in her decided to paint something  on canvas for her granny.  And I think her painting is just awesome! Oh, did I also mention that Drama Queen also baked an awesome strawberry gluten-free cake for her granny? I shall write about it in another post.



Save Money On Nail Spa With Groupon Coupons

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

With half my right toe nail yanked off yesterday, I have no more excuses to procrastinate making a trip to the nail salon.  My left toe nail still has the Hello Kitty nail art intact and the right one is gone. It looks awfully awful now!!

Several days ago I bumped into my regular pedicurist at the shopping mall. I intended to make an appointment for a foot spa but what do I know?  The promotion price that I got just 2 months ago has ended.  I now have to pay more!

Why do I have to pay more when I can pay less with Groupon Coupons?   I have just found a bunch of good nail art and foot spa deals at Groupon and can’t wait to purchase the best deal.

Everyone loves shopping at Groupon because it helps you to save money. This is one of the best coupon sites in terms of easy navigation, variety and good deals.   The Groupon Malaysia Facebook page has over 16 million LIKES and that accounts for more than half of the total population of our country!

Groupon has just about everything that you need from travel packages to dining, diapers, toys to even ovulation kits (great place to get one if you’re too shy to get one from the pharmacy!), photoshoot and basically everything that you can think of.

No time to go shopping? Groupon will help solve your shopping woes. Hop over to Groupon today!


Mid Autumn Festival 2016

The weather for this year’s Mid Autumn Festival was just perfect, unlike previous years which were wet.  We saw the big round moon shining majestically against the backdrop of the the night sky, illuminating it.   We had dinner at our usual Chinese restaurant with the girls’ grand aunt and grand uncle.

Since I didn’t have to cook dinner, I allowed Drama Queen to bake a cake for her granny (my mum) who will be celebrating her 70th birthday  on 19 Sept 2016.  For weeks, Drama Queen has planned to bake a gluten-free cake complete with frosting for her beloved granny.  My parents and younger brother, Roy will be arriving KL from Taiwan  tomorrow, after a week-long cruise from Taiwan to Okinawa, Japan.   We will be celebrating her birthday in KL this year.  I shall put up a post on the awesome gluten-free strawberry cake that Drama Queen baked for her granny… with SO MUCH LOVE! 🙂

After dinner, I brought Cass down to the lobby for a walk with her lantern.  She got the lantern from her Sunday School teacher last Sunday. It’s a basic no-frills paper lantern that probably costs a Ringgit each but Cass liked it anyway.  The 2 big girls were such spoil-sport. They commented that it’s such a bore to walk downstairs in the darkness without any lantern.  And the hubs was just plain lazy to move his butt. DUH!!  So it was just Cass and I.

Cass enjoyed her short walk with me and commented that she really enjoyed the stroll and chit chatting with me… just the both of us 🙂

After our walk, Cass created quite a stir at home. My bad too, for forgetting to blow off the fire on the candle before we stepped into the house.  She brought the lantern into the house and twirled around with it inside the house, dancing gleefully, under the ceiling fan.  She lost balance twirling round and round and dropped the lantern on the floor– onto her sister’s school bag! Our part-time helper had just finished wiping the bag and left it on the floor to let it dry.  I quickly pushed the burning lantern away from the bag. Seconds later, there was a mini bonfire right in front of our eyes.  Ashes were blowing in the air. I quickly turned off the fan. Hubs quickly brought a cup filled with water and poured it on the burning lantern. Phew! I could feel my thumping heart in my mouth!

Earlier in the afternoon, I walked right into Cass as she made a sudden turn backwards towards me when she was walking in front of me, resulting in my big toe nail yanked off… and the side of the toe nail was still stuck to the skin.  Oh. my. gawd.  That was another nerve-racking few minutes for me as I tried to cut it off with a nail clipper.   It still hurts now.

Now that my toe nails are in such bad shape, I have no more reasons to procrastinate visiting the nail salon early next week!


This year’s Mid Autumn Festival is such an eventful one where Cass almost burnt her sister’s bag (and maybe the house down too!) with her burning lantern and I think she will probably remember it until she’s a hundred years old 😀

Human Nature Natural Personal Care Products

I am a sucker for all things organic, natural, environmental-friendly and most of all affordable 😀

This makes the products from Human Nature a perfect match for me! Human Nature is the largest natural personal and home care brand in the Philippines.  They now also have the most number of NPA-certified products in the world.  That’s right – more products certified by the USA-based Natural Products Association, than any other brand in the whole world!  Human Nature products are available in the USA, UAE, Singapore and of course, Malaysia.  And they are still growing.

Today I received my personal care products consisting of kids natural shampoo, moisturizing natural shampoo, hydrating face toner with moringa extract, calming massage essential oil and tea tree and lavender rescue balm from Human Nature.

Both the kids hair shampoo and adults moisturizing hair shampoo do not have overpowering perfume scents and are very gentle to the scalp.  I love the calming massage oil, which has nature’s premium calming trio of lavender, orange and lemongrass essential oils.  I use it to moisturize my body after a shower and to massage Cass.  The hydrating face toner is gentle and mild in scent. It is brimming with moringa, a powerful ingredient that has 7x more Vitamin C than oranges, 4x more calcium than milk and 4x more Vitamin A than carrots, it doesn’t just help replenish lost moisture, it preps your skin for what should come next – moisturizing! The end result? Luminous, astonishingly soft and beautiful skin!

Did you know?  Many chemical toners and astringents contain alcohol, which belongs to the hazardous family of petroleum by-products that pollute the environment and threaten human health. Also, alcohol in toners can dry your skin further leading to premature skin ageing. So why even use alcohol when all you want to do is care for your skin? Phthalates, on the other hand, are present in many toners and astringents and can be damaging to liver & reproductive organs. Human Nature uses none of these nasties so you get only the good, at a price that will not break your wallet.

Internationally, Human Nature pride themselves on being a leading social enterprise with a palpable mission of promoting beauty with compassion. This means offering products that are not only good for our bodies and our planet, but also make a huge difference to impoverished farming communities. This is what I like about Human Nature.  They use natural ingredients that grow, or can be grown, in Asia because that’s their way of helping alleviate poverty among farmers. They are among the poorest in the world and as long as they grow nothing but rice they will remain poor for generations to come. Teaching them how to grow high-value crops like lemongrass, mangoes and coconuts, offers them a truly sustainable way to get their families out of the vicious cycle of poverty.  Human Nature operate under fair trade principles, meaning they pay market price or higher for their ingredients.

Why Human Nature?

All of Human Nature’s products are natural and chemical-free (no SLS, no parabens, no artificial fragrance, no formaldehyde, no phthalates).

The products can be bought online and delivered to customers anywhere in Malaysia, to help busy mummies and other multi-tasking superwomen.

The products are priced reasonably so that even the average family can afford to go chemical-free.

Just to let you have a rough idea on the price range of Human Nature’s products, the hydrating face toner with Moringa 200ml is priced at RM23.90, kids natural shampoo & body wash tangerine 500ml at RM39.90,  natural moisturizing shampoo 200ml at RM24.90 and rescue balm 10g at RM16.90.

Do hop over to Human Nature to check out their products and I am pretty sure that you’ll be tempted to get a little something for everyone in the family!


The Mugger Was Caught!

Remember my post on the harrowing snatch theft incident that Drama Queen and I witnessed where we helped the victim? That happened last Wednesday. It is indeed fated that the victim and us have to cross paths twice in a short span of just 7 days.

While grocery shopping at the supermarket this morning, we bumped into her.  She was really surprised to see us again. I saw the wounds on her knee and elbow. While they still looked bad, they were drying up.  I was really happy when she informed us that the person who snatched her bag had been caught! I just couldn’t believe my ears.  I can’t believe that our policemen are so efficient! I was also a snatch theft victim once upon a time.  The hubs’ cars were stolen twice yet the police never found the perpetrators. Can you believe it?!  I have since lost confidence in our policemen and what I heard today has given me a renewed confidence in them.

We found out from the lady that the mugger is an Indonesian with a Chinese parent. I am so happy that justice has been served.  And like I always say, karma is a bitch. You will never escape from it!  So do good and fill up your good karma bank with lots and lots of good deeds.  Good karma will come chasing after you too when you least expect it.

Our brunch of char siew wantan mee at our favorite coffee shop – Sing Kee Kitchen.  They serve one of the best char siew wantan mee in the world, with melt in the mouth char siew and springy noodles. And despite digging into it at least once a week for the last 10 years, it is something that we can never get bored of.


Holiday Activity – Cookie Baking

This idea was entirely Drama Queen’s.  And I entrusted her with the entire task as I knew she could handle it pretty well.  Except for helping her with the oven and checking on the doneness of the cookies, Drama Queen enlisted the help of her 2 side-kicks on this holiday cookie baking project today.

She got the recipe from her favorite You Tuber – LaurDIY, which is sugar-free banana chocolate chips cookies.

The 3 girls had a whale of a time in the kitchen. I was too busy with work to supervise. And they were so glad that I wasn’t there to poke my nose in their job.

Cass – I am so happy that this whole thing is WITHOUT adult supervision! Shoo shoo mummy!  We can handle this!

The outcome of the cookies was not bad.  The cookies were crispy on the outside and slightly soft in the inside. It’s like eating crispy banana muffins.  Weight watchers will love this cookie as it is sugar-free and made from organic unbleached flour.  The sweetness comes entirely from the ripened bananas.  I must say that it’s pretty good, coming from 3 girls under 13 years old who treated this as a real life child’s play masak-masak.

Even the girls’ favorite kakak Maria has 2 jars of cookies to bring home today 🙂


Hydrogen Infused Water And Carotenoids For Good Health

At a products training session two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet and make friends with an amazing lady. She’s non other than Yvonne Gabriel.  Yvonne is the aunt of  my team leader cum mentor, my friend of 11 years. Looking at Yvonne, one would NEVER have thought that she is a cancer survivor.  She looks TERRIFIC, so pretty, bubbly, spunky, SO friendly and humble and no one would have guessed her age.   Scroll down to see her picture on the cover of Her World magazine, Feb 2011.  Yvonne is 60 years old this year. Bet you won’t believe it looking at her!

Yvonne is a single mom who has raised two teenagers single-handedly, now young adults, for the last 15 years without ANY help from the ex-husband, who is non other than the singer of Hijau.  Yvonne is currently consuming hydrogen infused water and a carotenoids supplement for good health.

Here’s a written testimonial written by Patsy, my team leader:

She is also a colon cancer survivor having gone through chemotherapy and I have personally seen her suffer with my own eyes with black toenails and pus and blood coming out of them everywhere she walked whilst she was undergoing chemotherapy.

These were some of her health ailments that she hoped to heal and see improvements on last year (2015):-
1. Frozen shoulder
2. Knee pain
3. Insomnia
4. Neck pains
5. Recurring depression
6. Gum deterioration (receding gum line)
7. Vision deterioration
8. Symptoms of old age (wrinkles!)

And one year later, we can report that:-
1. Her shoulder is much better. 3 months later it was still a bit stiff but from not being able to carry an Izumio box AT ALL then, she can now carry two.
2. Gone
3. Sleeps much better
4. Gone
5. Gone
6. Comment from Yvonne herself – As for my gums, i now brush my teeth with a pinch of salt every time, so hopefully it will stay healthy. I just want to say, exercise is crucial in maintaining body and mental health….especially as you age.
7. Vision has improved
8. She is looking hotter than ever! (Yes, I can attest to that!)

We pray for her complete healing!!!

If you would like to give this hydrogen infused water and carotenoids supplement a try, I can be reached at or 019 266 4290 for more information.


Save Money On Hair Styling With Groupon

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

My hair is currently at waist length. This is by far the longest length I have ever kept my hair to. I actually planned to have a transformation of my dull long hair since 2 months ago but what do I know? I have been so busy with the blur of life events, with work, daily routines, cooking and minding the girls that I keep procrastinating my visit to the hair salon.  I am also long overdue to make a trip to the beauty salon to have a foot spa and my toe nails repainted. Yet again, busyness has taken over all my time.

Today I went hunting for hair styling deals at Groupon and saw a handful of deals that are just too good to resist buying.  I just love browsing the Groupon website.  There are so many great deals on just about everything that my entire family and I need.  I also saw a pair of Beats by Dre Mixr DJ Headphones that I know that the big girl will heart to bits. I’ll seriously consider buying her the headphones for her upcoming birthday when she officially turns into a teenager 🙂

Not only do I love shopping for Groupon Goods,  even my mum who turns 70 in a few days is a big fan of online shopping at Groupon!  She has bought many items from Groupon since last year and I love it that online shopping gives her something to look forward to. Retail shopping is one of the best stress busters!

Everyone loves shopping at Groupon because it is a great money-saving site. Searching for coupons is a breeze too. They carry just about everything that you need from luggage bags to kitchen accessories, mobile phones and parts, toys, electrical items to winter clothing to everything in between. If you have never tried shopping at Groupon, try it today! 😉


Our Monday – 12 Sept 2016

School holiday means catching up on my beauty sleep, respite from school books, breather from everything academic and eating out. I’ve been sleeping in till 7:30 am (not so lucky to sleep in way past 8 am though) since Saturday and getting 8 hours of sleep has reinvigorated my mind, body and soul!  Lunches and dinners have all been settled outside of the house since Saturday. If only everyday is a holiday!

Well, today I am itching to cook again coz much as I love food served aesthetically to me without me lifting a finger, I just can’t tolerate the high sodium, oil and additives added into our food.  My girls feel the same too. We were so stuffed after going on a food marathon yesterday that we only ate toasts and some raw veggies for dinner last night.

We reached the mall by 11 am yesterday. Since we were pretty early, we got a table at Sushi Zanmai effortlessly without the usual crazy long queue.  The girls’ grand uncle from New Zealand joined us for brunch.

After brunch, we went shopping. I got my swimsuit.. finally!

After shopping, my trencherman dragged us to Haegan Dazs, albeit the girls were treated to Baskin Robbins by their grand uncle just an hour ago.

See, someone just could not wait, though all I needed was just 5 seconds to snap the picture. He photobombed the ice-cream photo!!

2 scoops of macadamia nuts for him and 1 scoop of salted caramel for Cass and me.

After walking non-stop for 3 hours or so, we were still feeling a tad hungry, though we had ice-creams sloshing around in our tummies!  The foodie hubs then dragged us to the newly opened Ben’s General Food Store @ Gardens to try out the food.

Desserts were just middling. I didn’t like the S’more cookie and raspberry doughnut at all. The walnut brownie were.. well, OK.

The Chicken Spit Roast bundle was to die for! We waited for almost 20 minutes for the chicken to arrive but it was down to the bones in just 5-10 minutes. Very yummy indeed. Hubs commented that his 3 princesses are like very famished piranhas!!

So he ordered another roast chicken – a quarter Thai roast chicken bundle and again, the chick was dug fast to the bone in just minutes!!   Even the delish chicken stock sauce flavored with a hint of Thai was downed to the last drop!

The kicap manis roast egg plant with baby French beans and chicken salad didn’t really go well with the girls as they didn’t like their salad sweet and cold.  I told them that I’ll make something similar for them, sans the sweet sauce next week. So watch this space!

Three happy girls after half a day of retail and food therapy!

Home-Cooked Dinner – 8 Sept 2016

Pan-fried red snapper fish and mackerel fish marinated with turmeric powder, Baba’s fish curry powder, organic shoyu and ground black pepper.

I have tried frying fish using steel wok, non-stick granite pan, non-stick Teflon pan and Khind stir-fryer.

My verdict is – the Khind electric stir-fryer gives the best outcome.  For the 3 slices of fish yesterday, total time in the stir-fryer was only 4 minutes – exactly  2 minutes on each side.  For smaller whole fish, the outcome would always be crispy on the outside and juicy on the interior.

I don’t really fancy buying mackerel fish coz the meat tends to be dry and dull after pan-frying. But with the Khind electric stir-fryer, the meat of the mackerel fish was very tender and juicy yesterday.  The texture of the red snapper fish fried using Khind electric stir-fryer was cooked to a tee.

Below – omelette with Wattie’s sweet corn kernels, kafir lime leaves, organic tomatoes, lots of organic scallions, a dash of organic shoyu, pepper, tomato ketchup and lots of big onions and chopped garlic.

The girls and I love the scent of kafir lime leaves in the omelette.   It rounds the dish up with the right tinge of Thai aroma.  I also use kafir lime leaves in fried rice, braised brinjal, curries, noodles and just about anything.  Kafir lime leaves are inexpensive and easily available here. I normally get a small punnet from the supermarket (costs RM1 a punnet with a big handful of leaves) and store them in an air-tight container in the freezer. That can last me for many months.

Below – ingredients for the omelette, just before the egg mixture and scallions are added into the pan.



Choosing Alternatives to Address Common Health Conditions

Over-the-counter and prescription medications may have their place in modern medicine. However, when you want to limit your use of them, you may want to consider options like organic herbal medicine, teas and other alternatives to treat common health conditions and maladies.  As alternative medicines soar in popularity, the Internet has become the go-to place for people like you to do their research and shop for these products. You can start today by visiting the website and by using the easy drop down menu found on the main page.

Teas and Extracts
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Along with teas, you may be interested in using extracts to improve your health. Extracts are powerful enough to be used in small quantities. They are ideally used to treat skin rashes, keep away lice, improve your immunity, and to take care of other common health conditions.

Body Care Products
Along with improving your health, you can also take care of your body with herbal products. The products for sale online can be used for shampooing your hair, for example. When you suffer from hair loss, thinning hair, or split ends, you may benefit by using coconut oil. Coconut oil restores your hair’s natural strength and also encourages new hair growth.

When you suffer from dry skin, you may benefit from using oils like natural primrose. These products can be used as often as other mainstream hygiene products. They do not contain the artificial colors or scents found in mainstream products, however.

You can also brush up on your natural medicine options by purchasing the books and reading material on the website. The book can be used as a reference in your home when you or a loved one experiences common health conditions.

Herbal remedies continue to become more popular. You can research these options and purchase products for a wide variety of maladies and common conditions by shopping online today.


An Eventful Wednesday Morning – 7 Sept 2016

On a wet morning today, Drama Queen and I witnessed a harrowing snatch theft.  It happened just outside Guardian Pharmacy at our neighborhood.  Drama Queen and I had just walked out of Guardian Pharmacy and were walking towards the Indian restaurant where the hubs was waiting for us for breakfast.  We heard a girl screaming, followed by some tugging between her and someone inside a car. I could not see exactly what was going on as the scene was blocked by some parked cars. I thought that a girl was having a fight with her boyfriend. But when the car sped off in lightning speed loudly (car has big loud exhaust pipe) and the girl was dragged along, I knew it was more than that. Seconds later after being dragged along by the car, the girl fell on the road. I was shocked and hoped that the girl wasn’t run over by the car.

Drama Queen and I ran to check on the girl. Thank God she wasn’t run over by the car. Passers-by came to check on her. They were asking if someone wanted to kidnap her coz of the tugging. The poor girl (in her early 20s or late teens) was sitting on the road with skirt lifted up and exposed. She was in a daze and too shocked to even cry. I quickly put her skirt back in place.  I then asked Drama Queen to help me lift her up from the road.  She was bleeding on the knees and elbow. Her hand was in great pain and she could not lift that hand. She said her handbag was snatched. I offered my phone to her for her to make a call to her friend / relative to come and fetch her. But she was still shell shocked and could not remember any phone number. She’s a Chinese national and was working at a nearby office building.

In the face of adversity I saw all races come forward together to lend a helping hand. A young Malay man quickly bought a bottle of mineral water to offer to the girl. An Indian man, who is the owner of a stationery shop nearby quickly brought out a chair for the girl to sit by the roadside.  A Chinese national wait staff at a nearby Chinese eatery quickly whipped up his phone to use WeChat to help call the victim’s friend. It was easier for him to communicate with the victim as both are Chinese nationals.

Moments later, Drama Queen, the Chinese waiter and I helped the girl into the Chinese eatery. The girl began to cry, after the shock waned off. I hugged her and comforted her. Once seated in the restaurant, I asked the girl what she wanted. She said she wanted some antiseptic cream. Drama Queen and I quickly went back into Guardian Pharmacy to get a tube of antiseptic cream and bandages for her.

At the restaurant, Drama Queen used tissue papers to wipe off the blood from the girl’s knee. She then applied the antiseptic cream with a piece of clean tissue paper onto the wound and put a bandage on.  I was amazed at how brave and calm Drama Queen was.  I asked the girl if she wanted money but she said it was ok.

Seeing that the victim was a tad settled, we went to the Indian restaurant to have our breakfast.  After our breakfast, we walked back to the Chinese eatery to check on the girl. Her 2 friends were already there. Everyone advised her to make a police report, seek treatment at a hospital and wished her luck as we parted our ways.

When I related what happened to the hubs, he commented that he heard the thunderous vroom of the car exhaust pipe and saw a Malay / Indon man in a  black beat up Proton Saga / Aeroback speeding off like an F1 driver but didn’t think of anything until I told him what had happened.

To everyone reading this post, be extra cautious whenever you are walking on the road. It does not matter whether you are walking in the direction of the traffic or opposite flow of the traffic.  The victim today was walking in the opposite direction of the traffic. The ass h*le opened his car door, grabbed her handbag, closed the door, the victim tried to pull back her bag and was dragged on the road with her dragged backwards.  When you encounter a ruthless monster high on drugs, he has no mercy on you. Hold you handbags tightly and always be on the lookout for suspicious looking cars and people surrounding you.

My breakfast of tosei rawa today.

We had breakfast with our celebrity couple friend Alan Yun and Emily Lim today. But I was a tad traumatized to really enjoy the food. My stomach was still churning.

To the ass h*le who committed the inhumane crime, may karma follow you wherever you are and bite you back real hard!


Non-Baked Delights

Today is an off day at school for Drama Queen as some of the classrooms are utilized for Year 6 pupils sitting for their UPSR exam.

In exactly a year’s time, it will be Drama Queen’s turn to sit for the UPSR exam! Exactly a year ago, Alycia sat for her UPSR.  Time sure flies!!

Drama Queen spent her morning searching for recipe ideas from her favorite You Tuber (Laur DIY). She wants to look for cookie and cake recipes that are fuss-free and require very little ingredients.  My rule to her is – bake something that does not require my help and it MUST be mess-free and child-safe even if executed alone.  She knows that I’ll freak out if she creates mess in the kitchen.  My way or the highway, I told her.

This is what she whipped up today…

She rummaged through the fridge and found some dark chocolate and white chocolate for baking.  She popped the dark chocolate into the microwave oven to melt it. While I was busy working at the computer, she did her thing in the kitchen. I was too busy to even check what she was doing.  An hour later, I found her creation in the freezer, which was pretty impressive!

These petite goodies are for her bestie’s birthday tomorrow, which she will bring them to school for her.

The chocolaty squares are blueberry corn flakes mixed with melted dark chocolate, Pic’s sugar-free peanut butter, toasted almonds and cashews (crushed) and maple syrup. This is really yummy. The strawberries, banana and biscuits are dipped with melted chocolate and coated with white chocolate balls. She even dipped some toasted sliced almonds with the melted chocolate.

Drama Queen is set to be an entrepreneur in future. She’s already making DIY stuff with yarn, wires and accessories bought from Daiso and selling her products in school to close pals.  With the money she earns, she buys more materials to make into cute DIY stuff that she learns from You Tube. She even tells me that she wants to help me sell Izumio and Super Lutein in school. This I had to say NO coz I don’t want to be called into the principal’s office upon complaints from parents that my daughter is a hustler! lol!!