Mosquitoes And Insects Trapper

Do you know what DH hates most? Mosquitoes. That’s because 5 years ago, both he and MIL contracted Dengue Fever, both at the same time. I remember it was a few weeks after I had finished my ‘confinement’ when I suffered a miscarriage, that both DH and MIL were down with Dengue Fever. Barely over from the heartache, I had to muster up enough strength to care for 2 sick people, travelling to and fro house and hospital. It was one of the darkest moments in my life.

Ok, enough of sob story. After DH recovered from Dengue Fever, he developed a strong hatred for mosquitoes. Everyday, he’d carry a huge torchlight and a battery-operated mosquito zapper (like a badminton racquet) and go on a mosquito-hunting spree.

Recently, DH bought a mosquito/insect trapper which is really very effective. This trapper emits Carbon Dioxide (CO2), the kind of gas that we humans emit and an ultraviolet light that attract insects and mozzies. When the insects and mozzies enter the trapper, a fan will pull these bugs down to the base, which is a sticky pad. Everyday, there will be lots of mozzies and little insects trapped in the sticky pad. This device is so effective that DH bought another 3 units recently, with each unit costing around RM300. So for those looking for a solution to mozzies woes in your house, check out this trapper.

Transition From Co-Sleeping To Sleeping Independently

My gals used to co-sleep with us since they were born. When they were newborns, they slept with DH and I, wedged between us, that made them feel oh so secured. That also made breastfeeding so much easier for me. After I weaned them off breastfeeding, I transferred them to their Safe n Sound baby cots, so we had 2 baby cots in our room then, one next to me and one at the foot of our bed.

After we moved to our new place late last year, my mum strongly advised me to wean them off co-sleeping with DH and I. You see, this new place of ours has a connecting room / kids’ room to the master bedroom, which makes weaning off co-sleeping all the more easier. So DH bought a queen-size mattress and a kids’ bed railing for the gals. Later, he bought a big cupboard and filled the cupboard up with their toys. My mum also bought cute cartoon bedsheets for the mattress and we all tried to make the whole transition appear really fun. The gals and I slept horizontally on the mattress, with me sandwiched between them. Everynite, after lulling the gals to sleep, I would quietly sneak back to my room to continue sleeping or to do my work.

Of course, there were teething problems initially. It took the gals almost 2 months for them to begin identifying that that is their room, the place for them to sleep and play and the master bedroom is only for daddy and mummy. I had 2 months of continuous interrupted sleep everynite, a few times a nite. I’m glad that they now adore their room. Even when DH sometimes invites them to sleep over at our room, the gals would insist that they want to sleep in their own room, on their own mattress.

Every now and then, I still get ‘night visitors’ to my room. It’s really freaky you know, to be jolted up from your sleep and dream with a tap on your shoulder or hand, only to find 2 little figures standing next to you smiling. A few nites ago, Sherilyn had climbed onto my bed herself in the middle of the nite and slept next to me at the very edge of the bed. When I turned over, it freaked me to find her sleeping next to me with her 2 tiny legs dangling over the edge of the bed. One roll over from Sherilyn would have landed her hard on the floor.
I think I better get DH to fix a security gate at our room door now.

The Great Flood

It was the early morning of Sunday, 26 February 2006. This day will forever be etched in my memory. It was pouring cats and dogs at 3am and by 5am, rain water started to seep into our house. My maid, DH and I were jolted up from our slumber when the power supply was cut off and we had heard sounds of sea water waves outside our house. When we peeped outside, we saw rain water everywhere. When we got down to check, the rain water was already slowly seeping into our house. The 3 of us were like headless chickens, running thru and fro, don’t know which items to salvage first. Within minutes, the rain water gushed in and then the water rose higher and higher and within hours, the rain water was already up to my chest. Oh, btw, I still had the presence of mind to grab my camera and snap some nice pix whilst DH posed nicely for me to snap pix of him. I was also a ‘star’ for a few minutes when the NTV7 news crew came to interview me. When the flood water receded and for the next few weeks, our housing area looked exactly like the scene of the tsunami aftermath and Hurricane Katrina. It was really a sorry and pathetic sight to behold. I felt I had no home to go to anymore. Whilst we sought shelter at a relative’s house and later I brought the gals & maid back to Ipoh for 2 weeks, DH and his staff ‘rebuilt’ our home.

Long story cut short, we lost almost everything that was on the ground floor of our double storey house… our 2 refrigerators, 2 washing machines, wardrobe of bedsheets, clothes, new Lorenzo sofa set and cabinets, nice Tupperware containers, the list goes on…. and the most expensive item of all, DH’s new MPV and my Proton Wira with our Mothercare baby car seat inside. Both our cars were submerged in water, up to the roof top. In total, we lost more than RM40k to the flood. The worst news of all was we later found out from our insurance agent that she did not renew our insurance to cover for flood. Blardy s*** that lady. Nvm lah, let bygones be bygones. Now, we have a new place to stay. Thank God, there was still a buyer to our house despite the fact that this buyer knows very well that he’s buying a house that is in a flood-prone area. Another of God’s miracle.

So the moral of the story is, do insure your house against natural disasters as well, on top of the usual householder and fire policy as you never know when tragedy / disasters will strike.

Hip Dysplasia In Babies

Before Sherilyn came along, Alycia was indeed very very precious to me. I’m not saying she’s not precious to me anymore now but being the only child then and an extremely hard-to-get precious baby, I was really very ‘kan cheong’ (overly anxious) over her then. Even a body temp of 37.5 degrees Celcius then would sent DH and I rushing Alycia to the paed, only to be sarcastically told off as being overly anxious parents by the paed.

During Alycia’s 5th month well-child check up and immunization, our paed discovered that there were some ‘clicky sounds’ from both her hips. He then suspected hip dysplasia or dislocatable hips on both her hips. He then referred us to have Alycia checked by an orthopaedic. Upon doing an ultrasound scan of Alycia’s hips and performing a few tests on her hips, the orthopaedic confirmed that Alycia indeed has dislocatable hips and a shallow hip socket. I was frozen with shock and disbelief and was dazed at the orthopaedics clinic as the dr. explained Aly’s condition to DH and I, treatments available and showed me the human bone anatomy. When I heard that diagnosis, I felt my life and happiness were beginning to crumble to an abrupt end. Oh God, what’s going to happen to my precious beautiful Alycia? Is she going to be cacat or hobble in future? What would the future behold her if she really can’t walk normally? All these morbid thoughts came flashing thru my mind as I was seated at the clinic that I wasn’t even listening to what the dr was saying. My mind just went blank. For the next 4 months, I again surfed thru the net to study Aly’s condition. The diagnosis, prognosis and pictures shown on the net weren’t too encouraging and I was really depressed. All I could do was just to pray to the Lord.

The dr. suggested that we try a non-invasive, non-medical method of treating Alycia first. Since she’s only 5 mths old and her bones are still soft and not fully developed yet, there is still hope of ‘intervening’ the formation of the bones. Alycia has to be put on double diapers for 4 months and carried & put to sleep in certain positions in the hope of pushing the hips back to the socket. We spent lots of money on diapers for the 4 months, not to mention Alycia felt very unconfortable and hot in double layer of diapers 24 hours a day for 4 months.

4 months later, a scan and x-ray revealed that Alycia’s hips were symetrical and perfectly in place. When the dr said “I can now confirm that your daughter is ok and does not need to see me again”, I almost wanted to scream. That was another happiest day of my life. Thank God, my prayer had been answered again, it was trully a miracle.

So to all parents whose babies have some kind of imperfections or another, do not give up hope. Pray and miracles do happen.


I love sweating it out by jogging, exercising on my fitball and jumping on my trampoline. I used to follow DH to the gym years ago, but now where got time leh? I read from an article that jumping for 15 mins is equivalent to a half hour jog. Eversince I started my fitness regimen 6 years ago, I hardly ever experienced insomnia anymore. Exercising definitely knocks me off to slumber easily everynite. My craze for this kind of sports has definitely rubbed off onto my gals and they also love to jump like jumping beans on the trampoline.

Children who regularly use a trampoline are shown to have less problems with obesity and related health problems. The following are benefits of trampoline-jumping:

Lower risk of illness
Reduced chance of obesity
Increased coordination
Better balance
Faster reaction times
Increased agility
Greater flexibility

With the recent rainy season, this is a great indoor sports. So go get a trampoline, a large large one so that mommy and kids can all jump together and have lotsa fun.

Door Stopper

I notice that most people with kids do not place door stoppers on their doors at home. Those who place them only attach 1 door stopper to the front opening of the door. I’ve had my fair share of lesson learnt when both Alycia and Sherilyn’s finger and thumb got pinched and squashed by doors last year. It never occured to me that placing 2 door stoppers on a door is SO important, one on the front opening of the door and another one at the back, as shown in the above pic.

Alycia’s finger was pinched by the back opening of the door when the door closed by itself. I totally freaked out when I turned back and saw her little finger wedged by the door. I quickly applied cold/ice compress on the little finger and thank God, there wasn’t much swelling.

Sherilyn was not that lucky. She was playing with the steel door in the wet kitchen when she placed her left thumb at the back opening of the door and used her right hand to close the door. OMG, her poor little thumb was squashed by the door. That sight was totally gory. Blood was oozing out and dribbled everywhere on the kitchen floor, on my clothes, on her body. Oh God, I almost blacked out. An x-ray revealed that the little bone of the left thumb had chipped. Long story cut short, the nail eventually came off after 1 month. Now, I have a real phobia of doors.

So to all parents with toddlers, please please do place 2 door stoppers on both sides of your doors. It will help prevent an unwanted accident.

Disney Souvenir

MIL came back from Hong Kong yesterday and brought home a big bag of Disney souvenir and soft toys for the gals. The gals were soooooo happy and excited when MIL took out the cute cute colourful stuff one by one out from her suitcase. Even I went goo gaa over those cute cute knick knacks, esp. the Minnie Mouse brolly as I’ve always loved Disney items, esp. Winne The Pooh and Mickey & Minnie Mouse since I was a little girl. Now, Alycia gets to show off her new Minnie Mouse brolly when I walk her to school.

The Love For Reading

Alycia and Sherilyn love ‘reading’ books. Every morning after drinking their milk, they will sit on the potty to do their little poopy business whilst I read to them or they read themselves. I think it’s good to start inculcating the habit of reading to kids from young so that they will have a life-long love for books and reading. It’s much easier to nurture and shape kids from young.

Disney Bunting

Recently, my SIL from Hong Kong sent another package of goodies to the girls and me again. This time, the box was full of Disney knick-knacks and souvenir and some very nice blouses for me too. Mmmmuack…. thanks tai kar cheh once again. When the box was opened, the girls went gila over the colourful cute cute Disney items. Amongst them were 2 Disney Mickey Mouse buntings, one blue and one red. When DH got home, the girls got him to hang the buntings across the dining room. Now, my house looks even more like a playschool. I suggested to DH and my mum that I can now even start a small comprehensive childcare service business to earn some pocket money but both advised me to DITCH this idea completely. Think very easy to earn this kind of money ar, can’t even handle your own 2 kids!

Battling PCOS and Infertility

I will never forget that particular morning in December 2000 at the office of my first gynae. After experiencing very irregular periods, spotting, unexplained weight gain, acne on my face and moodiness for a few months, I just knew there was something really wrong with me. That prompted me to drag my feet to the gynae’s office. After a scan of my ovaries, Dr F told me that I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS in short. When I heard that diagnosis, I was really stunned and horrified. What the heck is that disease? Dr F then gave a brief explanation of this disorder and drew out a step by step treatment plan. Wah, wah, wah, wait a minute, what is this laser treatment to ‘drill’ holes in my ovaries and did you just say PCOS will cause infertility? You are saying I can’t conceive? I just couldn’t absorb so much info in a mere 20 mins or so in the clinic. So I went home in a daze and for the next few days, weeks, months and 2 years or so, there I was, surfing the net to study my ‘disease’ and how I can treat it. Dr F told me that I can’t cure the disorder but can only treat the symptoms. The symptoms are unexplained weight gain, obesity, acne, hirtuism (excessive hair) and also loss of hair, irregular periods, insulin resistant, infertility, among others. PCOS is actually a hormonal imbalance disorder.

Long sob story cut short and fast forward a bit ok…… in summary this is what I had gone through :

Consulted 6 gynaes in 3 years.

Took 3 cycles of Clomid only to suffer 1 miscarriage which was the saddest day in my life.

Went thru Hysterosalpingogram or HSG which was by far the most painful procedure in my life.

Went thru Ovarian Drilling keyhole surgery so that my ‘eggs can be released from my ovaries’ .

Went thru years of emotional roller coaster, tears, fears, worries and pain.

Had uncountable number of trips to my gynaes’ office.

Burnt a big hole in my pocket for treatments and sustaining both pregnancies.

Went thru 1 cycle of Intrauterine (IUI) fertility treatment.

Went thru an extremely difficult and high risk pregnancy when carrying Alycia. Was on semi bed-rest for 5 months when carrying Alycia as I had symptoms of pre-term labour. Had spotting and threatened miscarriage when carrying Alycia and Sherilyn.

Never had so many jabs in my entire life before. I had more than 50 jabs in a period of less than 3 years.

Whenever my gals made me feel like giving up being a SAHM, I would sit back and think what I had gone thru to have them. When my gynaes told me that it wasn’t only me with problems but DH also had very poor little swimmers, I had almost given up hope of ever having my own babies. It was really double whammy. Even on the day of my IUI, my gynae had put on a ‘no hope’ look on his face and told me that DH had very poor little swimmers, only 3% was good. But God really does answer prayers you know, not only 1 miracle happened to me, but 2 in a span of less than 2 years.

Everytime when I think back on how much I had wanted Alycia, how anxious and worried I was for 10 months, the sleepless nites I had before each consultation with my gynae, I would hug Alycia tightly and tell her that she’s mummy’s little ‘precious baby’, the term gynaes use to describe hard-to-get babies.

Each time Alycia made me mad and boiling with anger, I’d think back what I’d gone thru just to have her and my anger slowly dissipates, like I had just gotten an antidote shot in my arm. The day I gave birth to Alycia was the happiest day of my life which no word can describe.

So to all mommies out there, every baby is indeed a miracle and a gift from God. Ain’t we just so lucky to have our own kids? Love and appreciate them more coz there are many women out there who are desperate and would do anything, just anything just so to have a baby of their own. Go give your lil’ ones a big hug tonite and say “mommy loves you very much” and thank God for them.