Let Me Call Daddy

This morning as we were preparing for breakfast, Sherilyn was looking for her favourite orange plastic bowl. She hunted for it everywhere but could not find it. Minutes later, she ran to the hall, climbed up a chair and began ‘dialling’ the phone.
I saw her in a ‘conversation’ with daddy asking daddy if he has seen her orange bowl and then ‘chatted’ with daddy, giggling all the time. About 2 minutes later, she ended the call by saying “bye daddy, gud nite” and put the receiver back.

Sherilyn Takes 2 Hours To Eat

Yup, no joke. Sherilyn takes 2 hours or more to finish her lunch and dinner. She has the habit of storing the food in her mouth before deciding whether to swallow them or spit them out or at times she’d decide to be a ruminant, like a cow.

Thank God my maid has the patience to sit patiently and wait for Sherilyn to finish her meals coz I definitely have no patience sitting at the dining table for 2 hours trying to coax or bribe her to swallow her food. I’d rather be clearing the table and washing the dishes.

A few days ago, Sherilyn had spent close to 1.5 hours to finish off her cereal and Mac n Cheese during lunch. Later she saw me eating toasted bread and begged for a slice. I then gave her a slice of toast with organic strawberry jam (her favourite) and she decided she wanted to toss and flip the toast as if she was making roti canai and then…….

…..as she flipped the toast, it flew right down to the floor. Aarrgghhh….great….. no more toast for her. I was actually relieved that the bread had dropped, otherwise I’d have have to wait for another one hour for her to finish off the toast.

Glass Noodles

Alycia and Sherilyn had glass noodles with homemade fish paste and vegetables cooked in ‘sharks’ fins melon’ soup (a type of melon that resembles sharks’ fins after it’s boiled) for lunch yesterday. The gals love glass noodles and all types of noodles, especially noodles that are fried as well as pastas, macaroni and spaghetti.

Anything For You My Princess

Alycia always imagines she is a princess. For the past 1 week, Alycia has been demanding that daddy carries her off her bed in the mornings and then carries her downstairs like a princess. Last night when daddy was tucking her to bed she said “daddy tomorrow you carry me downstairs, k” and this morning, daddy waited for Alycia to wake up before he went to his office, carried her off the bed and gave her a morning peck on her cheeks before carrying her like a princess downstairs for breakfast. Wah… this daddy is ever ready to accomodate all the “your wishes are my command” from his 2 princesses. I wonder if my wish is his command too….

Final My List

This is the final My List from Daryl.

Let’s link each other up and scratch each other’s backs, shall we?

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Mac & Cheese

Alycia and Sherilyn love macaroni & cheese to bits. I used to buy the instant ones like San Remo or Kraft’s Mac & Cheese but I don’t quite like the additives inside. So with a little creativity, I cook my own mac & cheese for them, which is more wholesome, though the cheese that I put in has preservatives, but I’ve got no choice since most off-the-shelf cheeses have preservative in them.

This is the mac & cheese that I cooked for lunch yesterday with home-made fish paste and chopped french beans cooked in lotus root soup, formula milk powder, some butter and 1 slice of Kraft Light cheese.

And this small bowl is for Sherilyn.

Lotus root soup with peanuts, red bean, red dates and kampung chicken.

Sisters Yet So Different

Alycia and Sherilyn are so alike in some ways, yet they are so different in many areas. It baffles me to think how 2 babies by the same creators and from the same outlet could be so different. Here are some of Alycia’s and Sherilyn’s dissimilarities:

1) Alycia is fair like snow white whilst Sherilyn is hitam-manis (tan but charmingly sweet!)

2) Alycia has big round eyes with double eye-lids but Sherilyn has almond-shaped eyes with single eye-lids.

3) Many people had commented that Alycia has pan-Asian looks because of her complexion, big eyes and light brown hair and Sherilyn has Japanese/Korean-like features mainly because of her single eye-lids and rose-bud lips.

4) Alycia poops easily and frequently and was once hospitalized due to excessive diarrhoea. Sherilyn on the other hand has a hard time pooping all the time. We would cheer and clap our hands in victory when she could finally strain out a pebble size poop whenever she suffered from constipation. During her infant years, she could go days without pooping and would sometimes require enema to help her poop.

5) Alycia is a hard-core meat eater and a discerning food-lover and gets motivated and all excited when she sees food but Sherilyn is the exact opposite… she is a herbivore, not too adventurous with food, dislikes meat and does not get excited when faced with mouth-watering food. She is so content with her cereal, milk, eggs and bread.

6) Alycia is shy with strangers, needs time to warm-up to strangers and an introvert but Sherilyn is a social butterfuly, witty, fears no strangers, is an extrovert and a real chatterbox.

These are Alycia’s and Sherilyn’s similarities :

1) Both have the sweetest dimples on both sides of their cheeks. At times, I would be asked by strangers if they are twins and I would go huh….they look alike meh?

2) Both love to sing and draw.

3) Both are Barney crazed.

4) And most of all, both Alycia and Sherilyn are loved equally by daddy & mummy unconditionally. Whoever is prettier, cleverer or fairer does not matter, daddy & mummy love them both deeply and equally.

Switching Places

3 days ago, Alycia and Sherilyn decided they wanted to switch places during dinner time. Alycia had wanted to sit on her sister’s high chair, use her bowl and insisted to eat cereal whilst Sherilyn agreed to sit on her cheh cheh’s booster seat, use cheh cheh’s bowl and eat her dinner without blending them.

I knew Alycia hates cereal and would never eat them (she never liked cereal when she was a baby) but I made her some cereal anyway to satisfy her whimps and fancies and also to prevent a meltdown during dinner. As I’d expected, the moment my maid put a small spoonful of cereal into her mouth, she spat it out, eyes turned watery and eeyweeeookkk……. wanted to puke, as seen in the picture below.

After trying hard to suppress herself from puking while choking and trying to cough out the remnance of the cereal from her throat, she finally ppppppuuuuuuuked out her dinner….. eeeeeshhh…… made me want to puke too.

Sherilyn was instead happily sitting on cheh cheh’s seat and eating her unblended food, though she spat out some meat….. and then finished off cheh cheh’s cereal.

There’s never a dull moment when you have 2 brats!

Money In My PayPal Account :) :)

Woohoo…..I can finally see money in my PayPal account. 2 weeks ago, Bloggerwave sent me my payment, then last week I received payment from Blogitive and today, 5 more payments from Blogitive and 1 royalty payment from Cremaid. What a sense of achievement I get looking at my account in PayPal.

Blogitive is rather prompt in their payment and I must say Cremaid is the quickest. 3 days ago, I had posted an article for them and today, Cremaid e-mailed me to inform me that my post has been selected to appear on the Conversation “HotelReservations.com Hotel Discounts”. This post will be syndicated to the widgets included inside each of the participating posts. And today itself, Cremaid sent me my payment, as promised by them of a 24-hour payment.

Gee…. seeing money in my PayPal account really motivates me to write more.

Now, I better key in my youngest sil’s US bank account number into my PayPal account to transfer my funds into her account.

I wonder when PayPal will resolve their technical glitch.

Sherilyn’s Quirks

My Sherilyn seems to have many quirks. Apart from her craze with cloth nappies, recently she developed another bizarre tendency of bringing an item with her to sleep. This item can be her bear bear, Elmo soft toy, Minnie Mouse soft toy, Hello Kitty purse, a book and yesterday, she brought 2 Mega blocks to bed and insisted to have the blocks put on her pillow. She seems to feel very secured when there’s a toy next to her when she naps during the day or sleeps at night. Alycia didn’t have this quirk when she was Sherilyn’s age till now.

Anyone has toddlers with this strange behaviour too?