Essential Oils May Spur Breasts In Boys and Other Health Issues

I was reading this month’s Reader’s Digest this morning when I read this article which may be of interest to mummies with boys. Here’s an excerpt of the article :

Use of lotions, soaps and shampoos containing high concentrations of lavender or tea tree oil may lead to breast growth in pre-pubescent boys, according to US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Pure lavender and tea tree oils can mimic the actions of oestrogen and inhibit the effects of androgen, the hormone known to control masculine characteristics, says Dr Derek Henley, one of the study’s lead researchers. If you use these products on your child and you see changes in his body, talk to your dr or paediatrician.

Scary isn’t it? There is also this current widespread scare of SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate), a relatively cheap chemical which produces suds in almost all the body shampoos, soaps and shampoos, which is cancer causing if used excessively. And then there is this recent report in the newspapers that some of the vegetables sold in our local markets are tainted with pesticides, fish tainted with mercury, diseased poultry and what not, tell me…. what are we to eat and what are we to bathe with? I guess back to basics….. use plain water to bathe lor, use natural oil from plants to smoothen on our skin, plant our own crops lor and rear our own fish and chicken lor, just like what our forefathers did decades back and lived till a ripe old age!

Happy Mothers’ Day

We had an early Mothers’ Day celebration yesterday as my mil had to fly back to HK today. DH brought us all to have a sumptuous lunch at Genji Jap Restaurant, PJ Hilton.

To all mothers out there, wishing you all a very happy and blessed mothers’ day. I say we should all sit back, relax a tad bit, go out and have some fun and make tomorrow a stress-free and happy day. We REALLY deserve this, don’t we?

Using TV As Babysitter

Do you use the TV to babysit your kids? I do and I limit my gals’ TV viewing time to between 1 – 2 hours a day. I only allow them to watch educational programs on TV or educational VCDs whenever I need to get some work done or take my baths. I’ve had my fair share of heart attacks when I let my maid babysit my kids when I had my bath. During these incidences, my 2 samseng gals got themselves hurt. My maid is the type who does not have foresight and just cannot predict if accidents can happen to toddlers. So, I prefer to let the TV babysit my gals. My 2 gals will behave so well, sitting quietly or dancing and singing whilst watching their favourite VCDs.

Each night when I need to have my shower, I will lock Sherilyn the samseng up in her cot and I will tell Alycia to jaga her sister. I will then leave the bathroom door ajar whilst I have my quick scrub, peeping into the room to check on them every now and then. My gals also learnt to sing most of their nursery rhymes thru these VCDs. So, using TV as babysitter ain’t that bad an idea after all, as long as there’s a limitation to using it, right?

Dragon Fruits

Alycia’s breakfast.

Yellow-skin and white flesh pitaya.

One of my favourite fruits is the red dragon fruit or Pitaya. My gals love them too. We love them so much that we eat them almost every other day. Whenever my gals and I have constipation, dragon fruit always comes to my mind in relieving constipation. So far, I know that there are 2 varieties of dragon fruit, i.e. the red-skin & white-flesh ones and the red-skin and red-flesh ones. Recently, I stumbled from the net a picture of a yellow-skined & white-flesh pitaya. Wow, how unique. I don’t know if this yellow-skined ones are already available in Malaysia. So far, I’ve not seen them in the markets or major supermarkets / hypermarkets.

Here are some of the nutritional claims of dragon fruit :

The red flesh variety is believed to be rich in antioxidants.
The pitaya fruit is rich in vitamins.
The pitaya fruit helps the digestive process.
The pitaya fruit helps prevent colon cancer and diabetes.
The pitaya fruit helps to neutralize toxic substances such as heavy metal, reduce cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.
Consumed regularly the pitaya fruit can help against asthma and cough.

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Magic Colours

Yesterday, my MIL and I were busy doing our work. So my MIL gave the gals some magic colours for them to doodle and scribble on papers. 15 minutes later, here’s what I saw. Sherilyn had doodled on the marble dining table, on her hands, face and on her clothes. It was a total mess. Hiyah…. I ended up wasting more time cleaning up the stains. Kids… don’t they drive you up the wall all the time?

Maids…. are they a help or a pain in your neck?

My current maid of 1.5 years is my 5th maid in less than 5 years. All my previous maids were fired by me before they finished their 2-year contract. I wonder if my current maid will survive the 2-year contract period or not.

Suliah, my current maid is generally an acceptable maid with fairly good work attitude and is diligent. However, she doesn’t like to be corrected of her mistakes. She loves to do work her way, not my way. Each time I correct her mistakes or the way she does her work, she will put on a sour face or let out a sigh. I’ve chided her a few times before. This morning, as she was carrying the garbage from the kitchen to the front of our house to dispose them, I noticed some stinky water dripping out from the garbage bag all the way from the kitchen to the hall. When I asked her to mop the floor, she let out a big grunt, hhhhiiii….yyyahhhh……. as if to tell me “you fussy lady boss”. Trivial matter like this really spoils my day and I always ask myself why am I paying close to a thousand ringgit a month just to stomach someone’s nonsense.

Suliah’s contract will be expiring in December this year. I am still in a dilemma whether to extend her contract or just be done and over with live-in maids for the rest of my life. Maids…. you can’t live with one, yet you can’t live without one.

A Special Message to My Dear Friend

This post is specially dedicated to my dear friend, Jennifer or The Imperfect Mom. Just want to say a very BIG thank you for your BIG help recently. I know how busy you are being a SAHM in a foreign land with no maid to help you out but you sacrificed some of your precious time to help your friend in dire need here. Thanks Jenn, you’re truly my true and precious friend of 27 years!

Hope you don’t mind me picking your brain again : )

Food Around The World Tag

I was tagged by Montessorimum on 6 May 2007 but only had the time to act on it today.

Fresh from the oven egg tarts with flaky pastry.

Fresh from the oven sesame balls with lotus paste filling.

When it comes to food, I am not a picky eater and will just eat anything. Being a health and fitness freak, I am very cautious about what goes into my body but there are just a few types of grub which I just cannot resist. I love egg tarts and sesame balls, love them to bits. The moment I sink my teeth into these sins, fuiyoh…. feels shyiok. So each time DH and I have dim sum at Overseas Restaurant, these 2 delicacies are a MUST for me.

I am now passing the baton to :

1. Baby Shern…. not sure if you’d got this tag or not.

2. Scibbles For My Angels … care to accept tag?

3. Lim Ai Lian … care to accept tag?

4. Chanel Wong … care to accept tag?

5. Sabrina …. care to accept tag?



**Start Copy**

Proposition: What is your favorite food in your state or country?

Requirements: Find some info about the food and show delicious pictures of it?

Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE.

Tag Mode: You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.

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Toys Everywhere

Toys strewn everywhere, at every nook and corner of the house. This is a permanent sight at our house. Stepping and tripping over toys all the time.
Notice the pieces of blue and red plastic on the left? That was supposed to be a new toy trolley / cart that DH had earlier bought the gals. The 2 little brats even had the ingenuity to remove the bolts and dismantle the whole cart.

DH managed to re-assemble the toy cart but the 2 back wheels can’t be re-attached coz the bolts are missing. Just hope Sherilyn didn’t swallow them.