10 Products That You Should Buy Generic

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I am a cheapie when it comes to buying groceries. I love going to hypermarkets like Tesco and Carrefour to pick up my stuff. I find that their store brand of pantry staples pretty good. I especially like Tesco brand of cheap diapers (since Baby uses a pack of diapers every week!), panty liners, 3-in-1 coffee mix (for my helper), chips, biscuits, pasta, noodles and other toiletries. I also use Guardian Pharmacy’s in-house brand of face cotton, panty liners, shampoo and diapers.

Buying store brands and other generic stuff can help you save serious money, especially if you have many kids like moi! Here is a very interesting article from Wallet Pop on the 10 Products to Always Buy Generic :

1. Over-the-counter medications.
2. Cereal.
3. Pantry staples.
4. Soda.
5. Gasoline.
6. Electronic cables.
7. Makeup and other beauty products.
8. Batteries.
9. Salad mix and produce.
10. Baby formula

I have yet to try store brand formula but may try one of these days to save some money! Many people think that they have to get the best baby formula for their babies. If you are one of them, did you know that the Infant Formula Act requires specific procedures be followed in making infant formulas? Paying $10 more for a can of branded formula over a generic brand is a waste of money since both are certified by the FDA as good and healthy for your baby!
Do you buy generic stuff? If so, what store brands and generic stuff do you buy? Would love to hear your story.

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