Direct Offer From An Advertiser

Someone from a local advertising network called me this morning. I was very busy trying to collect Baby C’s pee (to be sent for a urine culture) and didn’t have the time to entertain her and told her to call me back at 3pm today. At 3pm sharp today, this lady called me back. I was still busy (well, I’ve never been free these days) and was quite pissed off. But when she offered me to write an advertorial on one of our local bank’s new product, which the advertiser is going to pay me RM200+, I could feel my mood instantly changed from one of being irritated to being excited! Look at me, so money-minded! Anyway, she told me that I have to attend the bank’s launch on 8 January 09. I told her that I am unable to attend and asked if I could just write the product review after reading the product description, she said it’s fine. I further asked her to send me an email to confirm this offer, which she said will be sending to me soon. I still haven’t received the email yet and I hope I’ll receive it soon.

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