Peter Rabbit Organic Cornflakes

Today, Alycia and Sherilyn had Peter Rabbit Organic cornflakes for breakfast, thanks to koo mah #1 who bought this from Hong Kong. These cornflakes are sugar-free, salt-free and additives-free. Though they tasted rather bland, but they were crunchy and the gals and I loved them. Even their kakak got to taste some of the cornflakes. I shall buy a box of fresh Marigold HL milk this evening so that the gals can have the cornflakes with fresh milk for breakfast tomorrow.

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Alycia In Her Tight Pyjamas

Alycia and Sherilyn have always been vain pots and they are very picky over what they wear. Whenever my maid and I choose something for them to wear from their outing dress to simple clothes to be worn at home, they almost never accept our choice of selection but instead, both of them will pull a chair to the cupboard, climb up and pick up an outfit of their choice. Well, I have no one to blame for my gals’ vanity as their mummy is just as vain, if not vainer 😀

Last night as my maid and I were getting the gals ready for bed, Alycia handpicked an old Mothercare onesie pyjamas that she had worn when she was 12 – 18 months. I told her that the pjs is way too small for her and that she has grown so tall now that she cannot fit into the pjs but my vain pot insisted she wants to wear it. Not wanting Alycia to burst into a fit of rage as would have expected if her demand is not met, we gave in to her request but my maid could not button up the pjs. Her body was so stiff in the pathetically worn out tiny Mothercare pjs and she could barely bend her legs. As I was raring to go down to complete my Blogitive paid posts, I just took a pair of scissors and snipped off the bottom part of the pjs where the feet are and this is how Alycia looked in that ridiculous pjs :

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Picking Up Toys

This is normally the scene at my house if I am not around to supervise my gals when they play. Lately, I’ve started to train my gals to keep their toys after they are done with them. It’s not easy to get them to cooperate as most of the time, they’ll just ignore me and continue playing, as though I am invisible. It’s only when I raise my voice (again), threathen them and flash out the cane that they finally hear me. But when they are in a good mood, they will gleefully and willingly keep their toys without being told. Guess they have been pampered by the maid who has always been cleaning up their mess. Time to make a change now.

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My 2 Brats

Many strangers who see Alycia and Sherilyn for the first time always commend how well-behaved, demure and ladylike they are. Oh pul-leeeasse…. I always tell them wait till you see them when they are at home. From demure, angelic cute little things, they immediately transform into brats and monsters the moment they step foot into the house and can effortlessly turn the house upside down within minutes.

Talking about disciplining my gals, they tend to turn deaf temporarily when mummy speaks in a nice, motherly, cultured tone. It’s only when I transform into a monster mummy that my gals do finally hear me. So can you imagine what my neighbours think of me, the petite charming lady from that house with 2 sweet little gals? You know, that house where you hear yellings, threats and bribes the whole day long?

How do you control 2 brats who are ever active, rumbustious, destructive, rebellious, temperamental, wilful and samseng (tom-boyish)?

This was what happened a few days ago when I was busy writing a paid post and had neglected my 2 brats for an hour or so.

This ‘train’ is actually the case of a 3-tier toyogo drawer set, pushed down.

Alycia the ring-leader got stuck in the case and cried out for help but evil mummy said “serves you right” … and then pulled her out and gave her a good lecture.

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Sherilyn My Poor Feeder

Sherilyn who is 2 years 3 months is a very picky eater and poor feeder. When it comes to rice and dishes, I still have to blend them for her. Can you beat that?

I have tried many times trying to wean her off blended food and gave her unblended rice and dishes to eat but guess what she did to the meat? She would take forever to chew the meat and then just when I thought she’s about to swallow them, she would spit them all out and give me a ‘I almost want to puke’ look. It’s really frustrating seeing your toddler rejecting food in this manner, gross and heartbreaking altogether.

Sherilyn does not even like food from restaurants and hotels, apart from cakes, bread and of course salad . Whilst most toddlers her age would squeal with delight when brought to these places to eat such a wide variety of mouth-watering grub, my Sherilyn is contented with her cereal. Yeah, can you beat that? Sherilyn is still eating cereal and she loves them…. till she eats her cereal everyday and she never seems to get tired of it.

Sherilyn is a great fan of greens and even eats raw celery sticks, carrot sticks, raw bell-pepper, bittergourd (which would instantly nauceate most kids) but detests meat of all sorts except fish paste and fish balls. I had initially assumed that meat is too hard for her to chew and too rough for her to swallow but what about toasts, crackers, pan-fried tempeh (her favourite), raw carrot sticks and brocolli? ALl these are hard stuff but she devours them and never feels that they are too hard for her tiny teeth to work on or too geli for her throat.

Are there any parents out there who are facing the same situation as me? Please share your experience.

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Writing Paid Posts

An hour ago at 10pm, as I was about to shut down my computer to give it a much deserved rest before it gets over-heated and pulls the plug on me, I had decided to refresh the Blogitive Open Offers page one last time to see if I am lucky enough to grab some posts to write. Woo hoo… luck is on me and I saw 2 posts to write but shit… I have to put my 2 brats to sleep and it’s not easy to put these hyperactive gals to sleep k. So I quickly fixed them milk, brushed their teeth and cleaned them up and sent them to bed. But Alycia’s battery is still half full. Every night, we would pray before going to bed. Tonight, Alycia made a llloooooooong list of people she wanted to pray for from Richard kor kor to all her koo pohs (DH’s aunties), to her mah mah, koo mah, koo koo, granny, koong koong to her toys and bear bear and after we had prayed for 7 people or so, I realized her prayer list was getting even longer….. and I just said ‘keep quiet Alycia and sleep. Mummy is just drop dead tired’ but in actual fact, my eyes were wide opened and heart was raring to go downstairs to where my PC is and start writing my paid posts for Blogitive. My 2 brats finally went to slumberland half an hour late.
The thing I hate most about Blogitive is that I have to write 2 filler posts in between each paid posts. Aiyoh… where got so many things to write about ar wei. Ok, better stop writing nonsense now and continue writing my 2nd paid post.

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Green Soya Beans For Breakfast

Today, Alycia and Sherilyn had Edamame beans or green soya beans for breakfast. Instead of having hard-boiled eggs again, I served them their all-time favourite food for breakfast. If you are lost for good breakfast ideas for your lil’ ones, try Edamame beans and they are quick and easy to prepare. Just pop them into the microwave for 1 minute 15 seconds and your lil’ ones will have a nutritious breakfast as these green beans are packed with protein, calcium, Vitamin A & C, flavonoids, fibre and low in carbo (good for dieting mummy too).

Waaaaaaah….. Sherilyn was so possessive of her green beans that when I popped just 1 bean into my mouth, she waaaaailed and wailed non-stop for half and hour…. till she puked out her breakfast…. eeeeeww. Lesson learnt… don’t meddle with your lil’ one’s favourite food.

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My Maid’s Cooking

When my maid first started working for us 1.5 years back, she has zero culinary skills and I had to teach her from scratch, from the rudiments of frying an egg to stir-frying a vegetable dish, steaming fish and chicken to boiling soup, but Suliah has certainly picked up her cooking skills pretty fast, both from my mil and me, though at times her cooking kinda sucks and is tasteless. Overall, I would give her a rating of 6 over 10 on her chinese cooking. Each day, I will prepare a menu-of-the-day for her from breakfast through dinner and stick the menu on the frige and I leave it to her to organize the ingredients. Marketing will be done by DH and I.

This is what my maid cooked for dinner today :

Aubergine stir-fried with minced chicken meat and organic miso sauce, sprinkled with freshly chopped spring onions.

Stir-fried asparagus with baby sweet-corns, diced chicken breast, garlic, shallots and soya sauce.

Stir-fried Hong Kong por choy with garlic and shallots.

Steamed tofu with fried shallots, freshly chopped spring onions and soya sauce.

Pan-fried fish with ginger (the ginger kinda looked burnt, but overall taste is acceptable)

So, what say everyone of the dishes that I have carefully planned? Healthy and wholesome enough for toddlers? Oh yah, forgot to mention, all my dishes are oyster sauce free, thick black sauce free and MSG free and I only use preservative-free & MSG-free soya sauce. Call me a health freak, yeah!

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Alycia Can Spell

Alycia can finally spell her first word by memory…. and the word is God!

SIL#2 had recently bought the gals a kids’ bible with lots of colourful illustrations. For the past few nights, Alycia has been pestering me to read this kids’ bible to her as she is so drawn to the colourful pictures in the book. She was so interested in the bible that the following morning when I asked her what I had read to her the night before, she could tell out the entire story. Then when I asked her how to spell the word God, she said GOA. I then corrected her. I was very pleased anyway that she got the first two letters right. The next day, I tested her again and this time, she got it right… she spelt out GOD.

Today, I tested Alycia’s spelling on the word dog. She got the first two letters right by saying DOB. I corrected her. I shall test her again tomorrow to see if she has picked up the word dog. I know I should not be testing her as kids just don’t like to be tested but kiasu mummy me am just too happy and excited that my baby girl finally knows how to spell.

The kids’ bible that sil #2 bought the gals.

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I Want To Watch Barney!

Last nite after using the tv to babysit the gals for about 20 minutes whilst I had a quick scrub in the bathroom, Sherilyn pleaded to watch more Barney when I turned off the tv. She wailed and rolled on the floor. It took me about half an hour to finally subdue her. She’s normally ok when the box is switched off but yesterday she was cranky, really cranky as she did not get sufficient sleep during her afternoon nap time. Gosh, really hate it when the gals have insufficient sleep in the afternoon.

Alycia cheh cheh was trying to comfort and hug her mui mui but ended up almost smothering her.

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Bubbles On The Toilet Seat

My gals love to blow bubbles and their ever pampering daddy and ku ku (sil #4) always buy them bubbles to blow. When these bubbles run out, the gals will plead for their kakak to blow them bubbles using bath shampoo during bathtime.
Alycia has even discovered by chance her skill of making a huge bubble out of bath shampoo on the rim of the toilet seat. All she has to do is to sit on the toilet seat after I’ve smothered her body with bath shampoo and then move her bum forward and backward the toilet seat and voila… a huge bubble covers the entire toilet seat and both the gals find it so amusing.

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A Picture of Peace

This is the picture of Sherilyn taken this afternoon after we came back from a day at church and lunch at PJ Hilton’s Genji Japanese Restaurant. Sherilyn was so sleepy that she dozed off the minute we buckled her up in her car seat. Not wanting to jolt her up from her sweet slumber upon arrival back home, we just placed her on the mattress on the floor with her outing dress still on. What a picture of peace on her sweet face.

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Sometimes Only Her Kakak Understands Her

At times, only my maid Suliah comprehends Alycia’s and Sherilyn’s baby talks. We were having dinner a few days ago and one of the dishes was an omelette. Alycia the greedy pig was chewing with a whole mouthful of omelette when she muffled something like this :

Alycia : I …. (as she munches her food) muck egg…..

Me : You have stomach-ache? Do you want to go poo poo?

Alycia : Shakes her head. I (munch munch munch her food) muck egg.

Me : Hiyah… you must have eaten too much dim sum for lunch. I told you not to eat too much, now you have stomach-ache. Come, let’s go to the toilet and poo poo.

Alycia : I want (munch, munch, munch) ….. muck egg.

My maid who was observing us noticed Alycia pointing to the omelette dish then said “oh, Alycia kata I want somemore egg”

Then all three of us burst out laughing.

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Alycia and Sherilyn’s Hair-cut

When it comes to trimming by gals’ fringes, I often leave this task to my maid coz I just don’t have the patience to keep my 2 rumbustious brats sitting still whilst I snip their fringes away. My maid would have it her way then, the kampung style, as can be seen from the pictures here.

Haircut the kampung style at our backyard.

Ok, now’s Sherilyn mui mui’s turn. Don’t move girl, hold on to this peg.

The outcome…. lopsided & zig-zaged fringes. Sigh…. need some touching up tomorrow.

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New toy

This is the new toy that DH secretly bought his 2 angels from Mid Valley Megamall yesterday… a school bus tent. Well, I shall see how long this new toy can sustain the gals’ interest before being chucked into the storeroom if it is lucky enough to remain intact or being ripped apart into pieces.

Hello mummy… I love this yellow school bus…. “the wheels on the bus goes round and round, round and round, round and round…”

Taking turns to play bus driver and school children. This bus even comes with an inflatable steering wheel that’s attachable to the tent.
The driver on the bus goes honk honk honk, all through the hall.

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A Fun Day at Mid Valley Megamall

Today, DH took a day off from work to bring the gals to Mid Valley Megamall as he wanted to bring them for a ride on Thomas Tank & Friends, which made its debut appearance in Malaysia. We had thought the rides were free as advertised in the papers, but I think DH missed the small * sign which says ‘conditions apply’… hiyah…. rides are free only with minimum purchase of RM80 on Thomas & Friends merchandise.

The best shot I managed to snap of Thomas Tank before being told to back off for the reporters and the Sunbeam pre-schoolers.

Thomas & Friends merchandise on display.

Now I really like this Thomas & Friends bed.

The crowd was crazy and there were reporters everywhere. A group of Sunbeam pre-schoolers were the very first few lucky guests to have their rides on Thomas Tank and they were teated like VIPs as the reporters were busy snapping their pix away. I was even told to give way when I tried to snap pix of my 2 gals, wtf.

Anyway, the Thomas & Friends train was not as impressive as I’d expected, as can be seen from the pix. Similar and longer rides can be taken at 1 Utama Shopping Centre and they only cost RM3 per ride. I would say Metro Jaya has succeeded in its marketing strategy to draw a huge crowd, mostly doting parents and grandparents as well as Thomas & Friends fans who are willing to part with RM80 or more to buy Thomas & Friends merchandise, then spend half an hour queuing up to pay for the merchandise and then waste another half an hour queuing up for the train ride that only lasted less than 5 minutes. The toys were not even cheap and I saw people grabbing them as though they were on cheap sale without batting an eyelid and hurriedly ran to the cashier to pay in order to get tickets for the train rides. DH was almost one of the ‘vicims’, if not for my wise and quick intervention…. ahem.

After joining in the craze with Thomas & Friends fans, we all went to have dim sum at Spring Valley Chinese Restaurant. After that, we got Alycia a pair of Disney’s Winnie The Pooh shoes as her old shoes were wearing out and her feet are outgrowing them, and btw her shoes cost way more than mine.

While I went for my monthly retail theraphy, DH brought the gals to the indoor theme park at Jaya Jusco before we headed to Little Penang Cafe to satisfy sil #2’s craving for local delights before she flies back to HK next week. After satisfying sil #2’s crave, DH brought wife boss to Papa Beard to get her 5 deliciously sinful cream puffs.

Whilst I was away on my retail spree, DH quietly bought the gals yet another toy. DH sure knows when to buy… when wife boss is not around to stop him from pampering his 2 angels :roll eyes: Shall take pix of the new toy and post them in my blog soon.

More fun with daddy at the indoor theme park at Jaya Jusco whilst mummy goes for her monthly retail theraphy.

Batteries conked out after 5 hours of continuous fun, eating and shopping.
Look at Alycia’s cranky face… well settling down the gals back home is yet another story/battle.

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