I love sweating it out by jogging, exercising on my fitball and jumping on my trampoline. I used to follow DH to the gym years ago, but now where got time leh? I read from an article that jumping for 15 mins is equivalent to a half hour jog. Eversince I started my fitness regimen 6 years ago, I hardly ever experienced insomnia anymore. Exercising definitely knocks me off to slumber easily everynite. My craze for this kind of sports has definitely rubbed off onto my gals and they also love to jump like jumping beans on the trampoline.

Children who regularly use a trampoline are shown to have less problems with obesity and related health problems. The following are benefits of trampoline-jumping:

Lower risk of illness
Reduced chance of obesity
Increased coordination
Better balance
Faster reaction times
Increased agility
Greater flexibility

With the recent rainy season, this is a great indoor sports. So go get a trampoline, a large large one so that mommy and kids can all jump together and have lotsa fun.

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Door Stopper

I notice that most people with kids do not place door stoppers on their doors at home. Those who place them only attach 1 door stopper to the front opening of the door. I’ve had my fair share of lesson learnt when both Alycia and Sherilyn’s finger and thumb got pinched and squashed by doors last year. It never occured to me that placing 2 door stoppers on a door is SO important, one on the front opening of the door and another one at the back, as shown in the above pic.

Alycia’s finger was pinched by the back opening of the door when the door closed by itself. I totally freaked out when I turned back and saw her little finger wedged by the door. I quickly applied cold/ice compress on the little finger and thank God, there wasn’t much swelling.

Sherilyn was not that lucky. She was playing with the steel door in the wet kitchen when she placed her left thumb at the back opening of the door and used her right hand to close the door. OMG, her poor little thumb was squashed by the door. That sight was totally gory. Blood was oozing out and dribbled everywhere on the kitchen floor, on my clothes, on her body. Oh God, I almost blacked out. An x-ray revealed that the little bone of the left thumb had chipped. Long story cut short, the nail eventually came off after 1 month. Now, I have a real phobia of doors.

So to all parents with toddlers, please please do place 2 door stoppers on both sides of your doors. It will help prevent an unwanted accident.

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Disney Souvenir

MIL came back from Hong Kong yesterday and brought home a big bag of Disney souvenir and soft toys for the gals. The gals were soooooo happy and excited when MIL took out the cute cute colourful stuff one by one out from her suitcase. Even I went goo gaa over those cute cute knick knacks, esp. the Minnie Mouse brolly as I’ve always loved Disney items, esp. Winne The Pooh and Mickey & Minnie Mouse since I was a little girl. Now, Alycia gets to show off her new Minnie Mouse brolly when I walk her to school.

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