Mosquitoes And Insects Trapper

Do you know what DH hates most? Mosquitoes. That’s because 5 years ago, both he and MIL contracted Dengue Fever, both at the same time. I remember it was a few weeks after I had finished my ‘confinement’ when I suffered a miscarriage, that both DH and MIL were down with Dengue Fever. Barely over from the heartache, I had to muster up enough strength to care for 2 sick people, travelling to and fro house and hospital. It was one of the darkest moments in my life.

Ok, enough of sob story. After DH recovered from Dengue Fever, he developed a strong hatred for mosquitoes. Everyday, he’d carry a huge torchlight and a battery-operated mosquito zapper (like a badminton racquet) and go on a mosquito-hunting spree.

Recently, DH bought a mosquito/insect trapper which is really very effective. This trapper emits Carbon Dioxide (CO2), the kind of gas that we humans emit and an ultraviolet light that attract insects and mozzies. When the insects and mozzies enter the trapper, a fan will pull these bugs down to the base, which is a sticky pad. Everyday, there will be lots of mozzies and little insects trapped in the sticky pad. This device is so effective that DH bought another 3 units recently, with each unit costing around RM300. So for those looking for a solution to mozzies woes in your house, check out this trapper.

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Transition From Co-Sleeping To Sleeping Independently

My gals used to co-sleep with us since they were born. When they were newborns, they slept with DH and I, wedged between us, that made them feel oh so secured. That also made breastfeeding so much easier for me. After I weaned them off breastfeeding, I transferred them to their Safe n Sound baby cots, so we had 2 baby cots in our room then, one next to me and one at the foot of our bed.

After we moved to our new place late last year, my mum strongly advised me to wean them off co-sleeping with DH and I. You see, this new place of ours has a connecting room / kids’ room to the master bedroom, which makes weaning off co-sleeping all the more easier. So DH bought a queen-size mattress and a kids’ bed railing for the gals. Later, he bought a big cupboard and filled the cupboard up with their toys. My mum also bought cute cartoon bedsheets for the mattress and we all tried to make the whole transition appear really fun. The gals and I slept horizontally on the mattress, with me sandwiched between them. Everynite, after lulling the gals to sleep, I would quietly sneak back to my room to continue sleeping or to do my work.

Of course, there were teething problems initially. It took the gals almost 2 months for them to begin identifying that that is their room, the place for them to sleep and play and the master bedroom is only for daddy and mummy. I had 2 months of continuous interrupted sleep everynite, a few times a nite. I’m glad that they now adore their room. Even when DH sometimes invites them to sleep over at our room, the gals would insist that they want to sleep in their own room, on their own mattress.

Every now and then, I still get ‘night visitors’ to my room. It’s really freaky you know, to be jolted up from your sleep and dream with a tap on your shoulder or hand, only to find 2 little figures standing next to you smiling. A few nites ago, Sherilyn had climbed onto my bed herself in the middle of the nite and slept next to me at the very edge of the bed. When I turned over, it freaked me to find her sleeping next to me with her 2 tiny legs dangling over the edge of the bed. One roll over from Sherilyn would have landed her hard on the floor.
I think I better get DH to fix a security gate at our room door now.

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