An Unforgetable Mothers’ Day

Yesterday’s Mothers’ Day was quite an eventful one for me. Well, the day started off well but ended in a nightmarish note. As usual, my maid will jaga the gals in their room each night when I fix them their milk in the kitchen downstairs. Yesterday, my samseng Sherilyn tried to climb up the table to switch on the stereo. My maid then used the cane on her. I still don’t know if she actually hit Sherilyn or not but Sherilyn who is very attached to my maid cried incessantly. It wasn’t a painful cry but an upset cry as she was obviously very upset that her kakak had hit her / threatened to hit her. Only God knows whether my maid had hit her or not.

The crying session lasted about 1 hr until bedtime. As I slept with the gals, Sherilyn who was still crying (as if she wanted her kakak to sayang her back)suddenly choked and after a few coughs, vomitted. OMG, she vomitted like a just erupted volcano … all her dinner and her milk spewed out onto the new mattress, the pillows, comforter, all over her hair and everything on the bed. To make matters worst, Alycia got scared and tried to cover the stinky vomit with all the blankets and cried coz her pjs also kena the vomit and she wanted me to change her pjs immediately. Oh God, it was messy, really messy and stinky and it was 11pm for pete’s sake. I could barely open my eyes nor move my tired body. I then yelled out to my maid to help clean up the mess and as she entered the room, I erupted like a volcano too screaming at my maid and snapped at her. I told her that no one can hit my gals except me. My maid denied hitting Sherilyn and said she just threatened her with the cane. She was even in tears when I queried her further. Earlier when my maid left the room, I had asked Alycia if kakak had hit Sherilyn or not and Alycia replied dramatically “yes, very very hard and punched her hand and scolded her”. I know I cannot fully trust my 3.5 yo drama queen’s words for she is a very imaginitive girl and very exaggerative too. But I just had a guts feeling that my maid had hit Sherilyn to discipline her.

My maid and I spent the next 1 hour cleaning up the total mess in the room. Still seething with anger, I went down to the kitchen to fix Sherilyn another bottle of milk. As I opened the can of milk powder, I slopped milk powder everywhere on the counter and floor. GREAT, why must my hands play me up at such time? It was almost midnight then and I was sweating though I had just taken my shower. Spent another 10 mins cleaning up the mess in the kitchen. I ended my day being drenched with sweat and vomit. What a way to end Mothers’ Day.

Oh, today my guilt-stricken maid was super nice and patient to my gals.

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Tag – 10 Things I Hate About My Hubby

Got tagged by Karen Yiau today. This tag is rather straight forward, no need to add pictures whatsoever. Though I really don’t like to badmouth my DH to the whole world, nonetheless, will still accept this tag as part of the game of the blogosphere. Darling, if u read this, no offense k, it’s just the plain truth 😉

Now the 10 things that I dislike about DH :

1. He is a neat freak, loves to keep and hide my things without telling me where he kept them. When I need those things and can’t find them at the original spot where I placed them, I get really peeved.

2. Loves to eat lavishly and at classy expensive restaurants and hotels all the time. This is unnecessary extravagance.

3. He leads an unhealthy lifestyle… eats at odd hours, eats unhealthy food and loves to drink soft drinks (loaded with sugar!!)

4. Does not initiate to look after the kids so that I can rest and have my day off. I even had to look after the kids when I fell ill and he happily went to play basketball.

5. He spends too much time playing basketball and too little time for me and the kids.

6. He works late and comes home late.

7. He sometimes uses vulgar words and swears in front of the kids.

8. He is not the lovey-dovey romantic kind of hubby.

9. He is impatient with me but SUPER patient with the kids.

10. He snores.

Now, I’m going to pass the baton to :

Leena (Baby Shern)

Elaine (Montessorimum)


Sweetpea (Bubba Stuff)

Scribbles For My 2 Angels

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