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This is my 3rd tag in 2 weeks. This time, got tagged by Samm (Just My Lil’ Organic Life). As DH is quite conservative and traditional in his thinking, he left the chinese name choosing task to my mil who in turn tai-chied it to her eldest daughther and son-in-law in HK who are very proficient in the chinese language.

Alycia – when I was still preggy with Alycia, I had wanted to name her Ellisa but my mom said why not choose Alycia, which, when the name is broken up is a combination of both DH’s name, Alan (Al) and my name, Shireen (the sound cia). That’s how the name Alycia came about.

Alycia’s chinese name is Kay Lynn, pronounced as Kai Ling in Mandarin and Hoi Ling in Cantonese. Meaning of it? Kai means victorious / triumphant (yes, she is my victory after years of battling with infertility and a very risky pregnancy). Ling means petite and dainty (oh btw my brat is not at all petite and dainty, how ironic). That’s all about I know about this chinese name… don’t really know how to write the chinese characters. I’ve written the meaning and han yi pin yi down in a book.

Sherilyn – when I was preggy with this babe, I wanted badly to name her Chloe or Chelsea but on 2nd and 3rd thoughts, dropped the idea as I didn’t want some people with horrendous pronunciation to pronounce Chelsea as ‘chee see’ (meaning pig’s poop in cantonese) or pronounce Chloe as lolli or mispronounce the names into some crappy names altogether. So why did I name her Sherilyn? Because I like it so, no real reason actually, and Sherilyn means dearest / treasured.

Sherilyn’s chinese name is Kay Yi, pronounced as Kai Yee in Mandarin and Hoi Yee in Cantonese. Again Kai means victorious / triumphat (she’s also another precious baby) and Yi simply means glowing health / vitality.

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Goodies From Hong Kong Again

Organic biscuits from HK for the gals.

Books, stickers and finger paints all from HK.

My SIL no. 2 arrived from HK yesterday and brought with her a big bag of goodies for the gals again. Each time my SILs from overseas visit us, my gals will benefit the most coz they have 4 doting ku mahs and ku cheh who adore them to bits and love pampering them with food, toys, books and branded clothes.

The clothes that my sils normally buy for the gals are all branded stuff and cost way more than my own clothes, like Polo Ralf Lauren and Zara Kids, fuiyoh. How I envy my gals. In a way, I am lucky too coz I rarely ever have to buy my gals clothes, food, toys and books. All these items are being taken care of by my sils, mil and my dear mom. That’s a lot of savings here. I am not gloating here but I just feel thankful to God that my gals are so loved by everyone. So to my sils and mom, if you are reading this post, I’d like to say thank you so much for being a caring and generous sil and mom. The gals and I are blessed.

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My Perfume Collection

When I was still working in the corporate world a couple of years back, I would habitually go on shopping sprees and make impulse purchases of just anything I set my eyes on that I fancied. When I was sad or had a bad day at the office, I’d indulge in retail therapy which gave me instant stress relief. When I shop, all my woes and worries are just no where in my mind. One of the many items that I loved buying was perfume, apart from clothes, shoes and handbags. I adore perfume, I used to put a few bottles at my office, a small bottle in my handbag and I have a closet full of bottles of perfume with brands ranging from Salvatore Ferragamo, Estee Lauder, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel to Calvin Kline. As a PA to a Dato’, I had to look presentable and smell good too as I used to deal with many VIPs, Datos’ and Tan Sris. Gone are the days now.

Eversince I left the corporate world, my dear collection of perfume remained in my closet, rarely touched. I seldom put on my perfume when I go out with my kids as I don’t want them to be in contact with scented chemical. Each time I opened my closet, I will spend a good few seconds staring at my collection of perfume, longing to spray them all over my body. Sometimes, I would put a few dabs on after my bath before going to bed, just to have some self-gratification.

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