Got Tagged Again – 7 Random Things

Got tagged again, this time by Leena (sweet revenge huh?) on 7 Random Things About Myself. Good tag, at least this will give my readers an idea of what kinda person I am.

1. As my blog title says it, I am a health freak, also a fitness nut and cleanliness freak.

2. I’m a worry freak too, love to worry over every single thing.

3. Like Leena, my sense of direction sucks too.

4. I am an Atkin’s follower and currently living on a low-carb diet, don’t eat rice, noodles, potatoes, candies and keep white flour products to the minimal.

5. My favourite colors are pink, baby blue and violet.

6. I am super impatient and my temper flares up very easily, thanks to my dad’s genes.

7. I weigh myself on the scale at least twice a day. You call this eccentricity or character flaw?

Now, I really want to get to know these wonderful bloggers too:

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Elaine (Montessorimum) … another filler post for you, hah!

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A Good Work-out Session

It’s not easy to remain a size 0 and maintain a weight of 43kg after having 2 kids. Each morning, whether rain or shine, I’ll diligently rise at 6:45am to work-out, first on my fitball and then for a 30-40 minute jog round my neighbourhood.

Sherilyn my lil’ brat seems to have an uncanny sense each time I leave my room in the morning. She will toss about in her bed, whimpering a tad bit with her eyes closed as if she can sense mummy is going to leave her behind and at times, she will wake up just before I open my room door, crying out and begging pathetically for me to bring her along. So what do I do if she wakes up before I leave? I will strap her in the stroller and tag her along. This morning, we did just that. Let me tell you, it ain’t easy to jog and push a 13kg weight in a 7kg+ stroller (that makes 20kg!) uphill and downhill, up and down slopes and humps. It zaps off all the energy in you instantly. Only a pro jogger would understand what I am describing here. But it is a blessing in disguise as I managed to sweat profusely and burn up the extra calories I gained from the smorgasbord that I gorged on at the high-tea at PJ Hilton yesterday.

Sherilyn happily waiting to be pushed around in her stroller.

A very sweaty me… phoof….feels so energized.

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We Love Sundays

We spent our Sunday lepaking at PJ Hilton again yesterday. In case some of you are wondering why my DH always brings us to hotels for buffet meals, well that’s because he has already pre-paid for them. He has paid RM400+ on membership fee (for each hotel) at the Hilton Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel and Sheraton group of hotels. That’s more than RM1,200+ for a 1-year subscription to 3 groups of hotels. So when the two of us dine at these hotels, we get 50% off the total bill. If there are more than 2 diners, we enjoy a 30% discount on the total bill (F&B only). On top of that, for each hotel, we are entitled to 2 nights free hotel stay. Last year, we stayed at the Hilton Sentral Hotel together with my parents and my brothers/SIL where we celebrated my mum’s 60th birthday there. Later, we stayed at the Westin Hotel (member of the Hilton Group) during X’mas. This year, we have yet to utilize the free hotel stays. Gotta start planning now for a short holiday. I love!

These pix were taken yesterday at PJ Hilton.

The gals enjoying their meals. Sherilyn just wouldn’t let go of her heart-shape violet color helium-filled balloon.

The gals having fun at the play area.

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