Sherilyn and Her Nappy

For the past 1 week, Sherilyn has been obssessed with nappies, yeah, of all things, it has to be cloth nappies. The moment she wakes up in the morning, she will grab a nappy and tie it round her shoulders, like a cape and refuses to let go of the nappy. She will then bring the nappy to the toilet, bathroom, when she naps, when she sits and eat on her highchair and even wore the ridiculous looking nappy cape when I brought her out for her evening walk with Alycia and my maid yesterday. I was so embarassed when passers-by stared at her and laughed, really malu :blush:

Besides this strange quirk, she’s also super whinny and cranky for the past 1 week. Oh God, I just hope these are not foreboding symptoms that she’s going to fall sick soon coz Alycia just recovered from a slight cold. Or could it be she’s just obssessed with Baby Bop and its yellow blankey?

I like my white-tie blankie in the day and night. I love this song by Baby Bop mommy.

Sherilyn running around the house with her ridiculous looking nappy cape.

Sherilyn went for her evening walk and jumped on the trampoline in her nappy cape like a ‘sor poh’ (mad woman) ha ha….

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Alycia Can Count 1 – 20

Alycia has been able to count her numbers from 1 through 14 for quite a long time already, but no matter how I made her memorize 14 through 20, she still got the teens all jumbled up.

For the last 1 week, each time I brought Alycia and Sherilyn for their evening walks, I’d ask Alycia to count her 1 through 20. She always got her 1-14 perfectly memorized but when it comes to 15 onwards, she’d just get stuck and all sorts of non-sequence numbers will spill out from her mouth, like 14, 7, 16, 15, 9 ….. alamak, :slap forehead: Yesterday during our evening walk, as Alycia was in the midst of counting her numbers, a squirrel darted across the road all of a sudden. I then excited shouted “look Alycia, that’s a squirrel”. Alycia who was still counting, nonchalantly counted “fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty” as she fixated her eyes on the squirrel excitedly. I then shouted in delight “Alycia, you got all your numbers right, mummy is so happy and proud of you” and then gave her a big hug, patted her back and praised her further. We were both so happy that she finally got her 1 through 20 recited perfectly without any numbers missing in between.

So my conclusion is I think a child learns better if she/he is in a relaxed, calm, non-tensed mode. They even learn better when they are at play. Perhaps I had put Alycia into a tensed mode when I kept insisting that she has to get all her numbers right. I was so wrong….what a kiasu mummy I am!

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