Toys Again!

I am sure those who bought the Star newspapers today got an insert of a huge, attractive and colourful flyer from Toys R Us. Whenever Alycia and Sherilyn see these flyers, they will go oooohh & aaahhh and the 2 of them will spend a good half an hour studying each and every toy advertised in the flyer, discussing amongst themselves what to ask daddy to buy. Now, that’s another free and good breather opportunity for me.

Let’s ask daddy tonight to buy us this, this and this toys, k.

Good taste you two have darlings…. that rabbit slide set costs RM449.95 Alycia girl…. and Sherilyn sweetie that playhouse cost RM1,299 wei… u think your daddy is a millionaire?

Sisters play turn ugly… Alycia snatched the flyer away from Sherilyn. Now, that’s a very good excuse for mummy not to buy anyone any toys.

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One of my top 5 greatest phobias is cockroaches or any insects that have big flappy wings. I was just telling Leena (Baby Shern) 2 days ago that I just abhore roaches and the following day, I had a close encounter with a big brown roach.

I was about to feed Sherilyn her milk when at the corner of my eyes, I saw something big and brown with shiny flappy wings on my computer. I quickly turned my head to the computer and saw a huge, brown roach flapping its shiny wings as if telling me to stay away from it, else it will fly right through me and squirt some stinky black goo on my face. Eeewwww……. I just freaked out and screamed and yelled out to my maid “suuuuuu… cepat mari tolong saya, ada LIPAS, cepat angkat Shelltox”. Su who was in the toilet rushed out with a can of aerosol and starting spraying the roach who then flew, eewwww…. and I ran for my dear life, pulling Sherilyn away. Luckily, the aerosol managed to suffocate poor siu keong (chinese nickname for cockroach) which then landed under the tv cabinet. I wanted to hug Su and thank her for killing that roach. I better call Rentokil today to service my house as soon as possible. So timid hor me, terrified of something which is so tiny and powerless, sigh…. :shake head:

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