I Want To Watch Barney!

Last nite after using the tv to babysit the gals for about 20 minutes whilst I had a quick scrub in the bathroom, Sherilyn pleaded to watch more Barney when I turned off the tv. She wailed and rolled on the floor. It took me about half an hour to finally subdue her. She’s normally ok when the box is switched off but yesterday she was cranky, really cranky as she did not get sufficient sleep during her afternoon nap time. Gosh, really hate it when the gals have insufficient sleep in the afternoon.

Alycia cheh cheh was trying to comfort and hug her mui mui but ended up almost smothering her.

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Bubbles On The Toilet Seat

My gals love to blow bubbles and their ever pampering daddy and ku ku (sil #4) always buy them bubbles to blow. When these bubbles run out, the gals will plead for their kakak to blow them bubbles using bath shampoo during bathtime.
Alycia has even discovered by chance her skill of making a huge bubble out of bath shampoo on the rim of the toilet seat. All she has to do is to sit on the toilet seat after I’ve smothered her body with bath shampoo and then move her bum forward and backward the toilet seat and voila… a huge bubble covers the entire toilet seat and both the gals find it so amusing.

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