My Maid’s Cooking

When my maid first started working for us 1.5 years back, she has zero culinary skills and I had to teach her from scratch, from the rudiments of frying an egg to stir-frying a vegetable dish, steaming fish and chicken to boiling soup, but Suliah has certainly picked up her cooking skills pretty fast, both from my mil and me, though at times her cooking kinda sucks and is tasteless. Overall, I would give her a rating of 6 over 10 on her chinese cooking. Each day, I will prepare a menu-of-the-day for her from breakfast through dinner and stick the menu on the frige and I leave it to her to organize the ingredients. Marketing will be done by DH and I.

This is what my maid cooked for dinner today :

Aubergine stir-fried with minced chicken meat and organic miso sauce, sprinkled with freshly chopped spring onions.

Stir-fried asparagus with baby sweet-corns, diced chicken breast, garlic, shallots and soya sauce.

Stir-fried Hong Kong por choy with garlic and shallots.

Steamed tofu with fried shallots, freshly chopped spring onions and soya sauce.

Pan-fried fish with ginger (the ginger kinda looked burnt, but overall taste is acceptable)

So, what say everyone of the dishes that I have carefully planned? Healthy and wholesome enough for toddlers? Oh yah, forgot to mention, all my dishes are oyster sauce free, thick black sauce free and MSG free and I only use preservative-free & MSG-free soya sauce. Call me a health freak, yeah!

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Alycia Can Spell

Alycia can finally spell her first word by memory…. and the word is God!

SIL#2 had recently bought the gals a kids’ bible with lots of colourful illustrations. For the past few nights, Alycia has been pestering me to read this kids’ bible to her as she is so drawn to the colourful pictures in the book. She was so interested in the bible that the following morning when I asked her what I had read to her the night before, she could tell out the entire story. Then when I asked her how to spell the word God, she said GOA. I then corrected her. I was very pleased anyway that she got the first two letters right. The next day, I tested her again and this time, she got it right… she spelt out GOD.

Today, I tested Alycia’s spelling on the word dog. She got the first two letters right by saying DOB. I corrected her. I shall test her again tomorrow to see if she has picked up the word dog. I know I should not be testing her as kids just don’t like to be tested but kiasu mummy me am just too happy and excited that my baby girl finally knows how to spell.

The kids’ bible that sil #2 bought the gals.

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