Peter Rabbit Organic Cornflakes

Today, Alycia and Sherilyn had Peter Rabbit Organic cornflakes for breakfast, thanks to koo mah #1 who bought this from Hong Kong. These cornflakes are sugar-free, salt-free and additives-free. Though they tasted rather bland, but they were crunchy and the gals and I loved them. Even their kakak got to taste some of the cornflakes. I shall buy a box of fresh Marigold HL milk this evening so that the gals can have the cornflakes with fresh milk for breakfast tomorrow.

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Alycia In Her Tight Pyjamas

Alycia and Sherilyn have always been vain pots and they are very picky over what they wear. Whenever my maid and I choose something for them to wear from their outing dress to simple clothes to be worn at home, they almost never accept our choice of selection but instead, both of them will pull a chair to the cupboard, climb up and pick up an outfit of their choice. Well, I have no one to blame for my gals’ vanity as their mummy is just as vain, if not vainer 😀

Last night as my maid and I were getting the gals ready for bed, Alycia handpicked an old Mothercare onesie pyjamas that she had worn when she was 12 – 18 months. I told her that the pjs is way too small for her and that she has grown so tall now that she cannot fit into the pjs but my vain pot insisted she wants to wear it. Not wanting Alycia to burst into a fit of rage as would have expected if her demand is not met, we gave in to her request but my maid could not button up the pjs. Her body was so stiff in the pathetically worn out tiny Mothercare pjs and she could barely bend her legs. As I was raring to go down to complete my Blogitive paid posts, I just took a pair of scissors and snipped off the bottom part of the pjs where the feet are and this is how Alycia looked in that ridiculous pjs :

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Picking Up Toys

This is normally the scene at my house if I am not around to supervise my gals when they play. Lately, I’ve started to train my gals to keep their toys after they are done with them. It’s not easy to get them to cooperate as most of the time, they’ll just ignore me and continue playing, as though I am invisible. It’s only when I raise my voice (again), threathen them and flash out the cane that they finally hear me. But when they are in a good mood, they will gleefully and willingly keep their toys without being told. Guess they have been pampered by the maid who has always been cleaning up their mess. Time to make a change now.

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My 2 Brats

Many strangers who see Alycia and Sherilyn for the first time always commend how well-behaved, demure and ladylike they are. Oh pul-leeeasse…. I always tell them wait till you see them when they are at home. From demure, angelic cute little things, they immediately transform into brats and monsters the moment they step foot into the house and can effortlessly turn the house upside down within minutes.

Talking about disciplining my gals, they tend to turn deaf temporarily when mummy speaks in a nice, motherly, cultured tone. It’s only when I transform into a monster mummy that my gals do finally hear me. So can you imagine what my neighbours think of me, the petite charming lady from that house with 2 sweet little gals? You know, that house where you hear yellings, threats and bribes the whole day long?

How do you control 2 brats who are ever active, rumbustious, destructive, rebellious, temperamental, wilful and samseng (tom-boyish)?

This was what happened a few days ago when I was busy writing a paid post and had neglected my 2 brats for an hour or so.

This ‘train’ is actually the case of a 3-tier toyogo drawer set, pushed down.

Alycia the ring-leader got stuck in the case and cried out for help but evil mummy said “serves you right” … and then pulled her out and gave her a good lecture.

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Sherilyn My Poor Feeder

Sherilyn who is 2 years 3 months is a very picky eater and poor feeder. When it comes to rice and dishes, I still have to blend them for her. Can you beat that?

I have tried many times trying to wean her off blended food and gave her unblended rice and dishes to eat but guess what she did to the meat? She would take forever to chew the meat and then just when I thought she’s about to swallow them, she would spit them all out and give me a ‘I almost want to puke’ look. It’s really frustrating seeing your toddler rejecting food in this manner, gross and heartbreaking altogether.

Sherilyn does not even like food from restaurants and hotels, apart from cakes, bread and of course salad . Whilst most toddlers her age would squeal with delight when brought to these places to eat such a wide variety of mouth-watering grub, my Sherilyn is contented with her cereal. Yeah, can you beat that? Sherilyn is still eating cereal and she loves them…. till she eats her cereal everyday and she never seems to get tired of it.

Sherilyn is a great fan of greens and even eats raw celery sticks, carrot sticks, raw bell-pepper, bittergourd (which would instantly nauceate most kids) but detests meat of all sorts except fish paste and fish balls. I had initially assumed that meat is too hard for her to chew and too rough for her to swallow but what about toasts, crackers, pan-fried tempeh (her favourite), raw carrot sticks and brocolli? ALl these are hard stuff but she devours them and never feels that they are too hard for her tiny teeth to work on or too geli for her throat.

Are there any parents out there who are facing the same situation as me? Please share your experience.

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