9 thoughts on “Bedtime Stories By Daddy Dearest

  1. wah this must be something all mommies love to see as much as possible!
    we’re lucky that the daddies of this generation are more hands 😀

  2. So nice of daddy to read to the girls 🙂

    I like those clock cards. Wonder whether they sell it in Spore.

  3. so senang la u when hubby comes back. my gal sticks to papa macam bubble-gum, and thats my freedom !

  4. Wah, this Daddy surrounded by his precious girls. Must make him feel very important and treasured too. Thumbs up Daddy.

  5. DH also loves to create stories, silly nonsensical stories, ha ha.

    DH surely loves to be surrounded by his 2 precious gals. Eversince my gals were born, i hv been ‘demoted’ by him, his angels alwiz come first, then only me, ha ha…

  6. That’s so cool..!! i wished PB would take time.. and do this with chloe.. instead.. of just watching the box with her..!! *sigh*..!!

  7. Mamabok…. DH also loves to watch all sorts of crappy movies with my gals. It’s only when he’s in a good mood that he’ll read to them. I guess most dad r like this?

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