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Got tagged by Karen Yiau today. This tag is rather straight forward, no need to add pictures whatsoever. Though I really don’t like to badmouth my DH to the whole world, nonetheless, will still accept this tag as part of the game of the blogosphere. Darling, if u read this, no offense k, it’s just the plain truth 😉

Now the 10 things that I dislike about DH :

1. He is a neat freak, loves to keep and hide my things without telling me where he kept them. When I need those things and can’t find them at the original spot where I placed them, I get really peeved.

2. Loves to eat lavishly and at classy expensive restaurants and hotels all the time. This is unnecessary extravagance.

3. He leads an unhealthy lifestyle… eats at odd hours, eats unhealthy food and loves to drink soft drinks (loaded with sugar!!)

4. Does not initiate to look after the kids so that I can rest and have my day off. I even had to look after the kids when I fell ill and he happily went to play basketball.

5. He spends too much time playing basketball and too little time for me and the kids.

6. He works late and comes home late.

7. He sometimes uses vulgar words and swears in front of the kids.

8. He is not the lovey-dovey romantic kind of hubby.

9. He is impatient with me but SUPER patient with the kids.

10. He snores.

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  1. Ahhh.. ok.. i see this tag.. ! i think someone else tag me on this too.. hahhaha!! sorry so busy… will try and do it.. 😉

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