Alycia Wins My Heart

Last nite, Sherilyn dropped a hard box of zig-saw puzzle onto my foot when I reprimanded her for taking it out from my drawer. Sherilyn has a habit of putting the pieces of puzzles into her mouth and throwing them everywhere and shoving them under my king-size bed and under my mattres and eventually losing them.

One side of the sharp-edged box landed on one of my toes and as I yelped out in pain, Alycia who was in her room playing dashed into my room and asked me what had happened. I told her that her mui mui had dropped a box on mummy’s foot and mummy is now in pain. As she saw me winced in pain, she darted back to her room and brought back a piece of mega block and pretended that it was a first-aid tape dispenser and started to put the imaginary plaster on my toe. When I saw Alycia pulling out the imaginary tape with the block, I just burst out laughing and asked her what she’s doing. Alycia then said “don’t move mummy, let me put plaster for you first”.

I was really touched by Alycia’s concern and wittines in handling first-aid situations like this. Alycia then said “don’t be sad mummy” and wah…. her words and actions were like water dousing off a raging fire in my heart. I gave her a big hug and kiss and said “thank you Alycia. mummy loves you” and wow… I can see Alycia’s face beeming with pride as her self-esteem inflates and her love tank filled to the brim with mummy’s love and hug.

It has been a long time anyone had touched me so deeply and made me laughed this hard. Sometimes, Alycia can really win and melt the coldest of heart.

The sharp edge of this hard box landed on my toe.

Alycia put plaster (band-aid) on mummy’s toe and sayang mummy’s injured toe.

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