Blogger has recently added a word verification protection thing to prevent spam as some bloggers had complaint of their blogs being locked out but this word verfication thing is really driving me nuts and I’ve been wasting so much time meddling with it.

Don’t know if other bloggers on Blogger are also facing this problem or just me, the IT retard. You see, it doesn’t allow me to save the document without having to publish the post first. So even if my post is not complete, I have to publish it first to get it saved and then only edit the post to continue with composing my post. What irritates me is that the half-written truncated post is still published in my blog (as can be seen from my side, not sure about other readers) and even if i’ve completed the post later, saved it and click publish, the old truncated post is still seen in my blog and not the new completed post. Aarrgghh….. someone please help me!

Don’t ask me to post my complain or query with Blogger Helpdesk coz so far, they have never replied me and they have been sooooo many complaints about the Blogger team.

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