Kids Say The Darnest Things

At times my gals say the darnest things that make me laugh really hard. Here are some of the funny things that they had said:

Scene 1
Before I go to the bathroom to have a quick scrub every night, I will put on a VCD for my gals to watch and I’d tell them before I turn on the tv that they have to promise not to cry when I turn off the tv when I am out from the bathroom.

Last night, Alycia said this to me as I entered the bathroom “mummy, you bathe slowly ar, very very slowly ar, don’t come out so fast k?”

Scene 2
A few days ago as I was shopping at the frozen food section of a mini market, Sherilyn poked her finger on a raw chicken on display. I then reprimanded her by saying “cannot touch Sherilyn, it’s dirty”
Minutes later, a boy of around 5-6 years of age came to the frozen food section and also tried to touch the raw chicken.
Sherilyn who saw the boy touching the raw chicken then wagged her left fore finger at the boy whilst resting another hand on her waist, scolded the boy by saying “hannot touch”.
The boy quickly retreated his hand from the raw chicken but minutes later tried to touch the raw chicken again. Sherilyn who had her eyes fixated on the boy again warned the boy “i said hannot touch, itsh dirty” as she wagged her little forefinger.
I couldn’t help bursting into laughter. My little baby can really immitate me so well.

Scene 3
Alycia’s new favourite sentence when she’s upset with me : “I just cannot believe it, I just cannot believe you are doing this to me mummy”

Scene 4
Whenever I whack Sherilyn for being naughty, Alycia would say “you cannot beat Kay Yi mummy. She will be sad. Don’t beat her, stop it”

Scene 5
Daddy put on a video of Alycia when she was a baby for the gals to watch. Alycia got so emotional and sentimental that she cried and said “I want to go inside the tv and be a baby again”. This went on for days until one morning, her sister Sherilyn said this to her “dun cry A-lisha, hannot go inshide tv, jood jirl (good girl) k. Sayang A-lisha” and then hugged her cheh cheh.

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Young Artist At Work

Alycia drawing a birthday cake, balloons and popsicles.

Eversince Alycia attended pre-school early this year, the artistic sense in her has been uncovered. She loves writing, colouring and drawing.

I guess daddy’s artistic genes have rubbed off on her coz daddy can draw pretty well, really damn chun wan.

That was one of the reasons why a naive silly 17-year old school girl 17 years ago fell for her older brother’s best friend who was head over heels over her and hand-made her ‘lum sei ngor lor’ Valentine’s Day cards and greeting cards.

Promise… will try to dig out those cards that DH made me close to 2 decades ago, get them scanned and post them in my blog.

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Feeding Toddlers Medicine

Alycia and Sherilyn have never been easy feeders when it comes to medicine.
Thankfully, they rarely fell sick when they were younger, maybe once or twice a year.

When they were younger, there must be at least 3 people around in order to get them to swallow their medicine and those sick days were full of drama and emotions, and the air in the house was filled with wafts of vomit.

As I was still working then, I had 2 maids at home to help with the chores and to help my mil with the gals. One maid would be holding back Alycia’s struggling hands, the other maid would be holding back her forcefully kicking legs whilst my mil would force open Alycia’s mouth and squirt the syringe of syrup medicine into her mouth, only to be thrown up within seconds. If my youngest sil or I were around, we would be the entertainers, acting out anything we could think of under the sun from singing to acting silly to using a toy to distract, you name it. The house was like a battle ground each time the gals fell sick.

Eversince Alycia attended pre-school early this year and fell sick so frequently (and then spreading the illness to Sherilyn), both gals have kinda got immuned to the taste of medicines or maybe I finally found them a paed who prescribes them with sweet nice smelling and tasty medicine.

As for me, I am now a pro-medicine-feeder to toddlers and can sup sup sui feed both the gals their medicine all by myself even with my eyes closed and don’t even need to use a syringe anymore…. but on one condition set by the gals… there must be SWEET TREATS for them to go with their medicine. No problem lah so long as they willingly swallow their medicine.

So each time the gals are prescribed with medicine, DH and I would stock up the house with cakes, organic buns and biscuits. Alycia actually loves falling sick coz that’s the only time mummy is so lenient and generous with sweet stuff with her. Sometimes she even pretends to be sick for she thinks she can fool us into bringing her to the doctor but she doesn’t know that her mummy is fool-proof.

All set ready to feed the gals medicine…. plain chiffon cake, organic bread, their medicine and measuring cup. Oh, forgot to put the cup of water in.

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Learning Through Singing

Sherilyn has always loved music, singing and dancing. When she was a baby and cried each time, singing and playing soft music had always comforted her and lulled her to sleep.

I have recently discovered a new way of teaching my 2 gals. Since it’s really difficult to make them sit still classroom style with eyes focused on whatever I am teaching them, I discovered by chance some time back that by singing out the word as I read out each flash card to them really helps and they kept asking for more and more and more till I have to say STOP, ha ha..

This is how I sing out my teaching lessons:

Let’s say I am showing them a flash card with the word ‘happy’. I’ll sing out the song “I am h-a-p-p-y, I am h-a-p-p-y” and modify the song a tad bit. They find it so entertaining and now both Alycia and Sherilyn recognize the sight word happy and if I ask Alycia what h-a-p-p-y is (without showing her the flash card) she could tell me the word correctly.

The same goes for many other words. I will try to match the individual word that I am about to teach / sing to them to a rhyming nursery rhyme tune. Eg. singing out the word ‘strawberry’ to the tune of ‘If You Happy And You Know It Clap Your Hands’. After a few times singing out the word, both my gals started to recognize the sight word ‘strawberry’ as well as the spelling of the word orally (without being shown the flash card).

When we go for walks and see a coconut tree for instance, I’ll point to the coconut and tell them that they’ve just seen a coconut and then I’ll sing out the song “c-o-c-o-n-u-t”.

This is such a fun way of teaching my gals and all 3 of us enjoy it so much.

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