Toys Rationing

I recently wrote about my gals’ habit of not picking up their toys after they are done with them. Some mummies suggested that I ration their toys and only have limited toys for them to play and to train the gals to keep their toys.

Today, I finally made the move and my maid and I sorted out their toys and kept one big bag of toys in the storeroom. I told the gals that they have not been behaving well, always strewing their toys all over the house, stepping and jumping on them and eventually spoiling them, ripping them apart, chewing on them and mummy is not happy, so mummy is going to keep some of the toys and if they prove to be good girls later, mummy will bring the toys out again.

I was surprised they didn’t protest my bold move. My 2 brats even helped me put their not-so-wanted toys into a big garbage bag.

The gals helping to sort out their toys.

The big bag of toys to be kept in the storeroom.

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