Sherilyn and Her Nappy… part 2

Earlier, I had written about how obsessed Sherilyn was with her nappy. It’s been more than 2 weeks now and Sherilyn’s obsession with her nappies is becoming more intense now and she has even rubbed off the obsession to her cheh cheh. This morning, both gals wore a nappy cape round their shoulders and ran round the house and pretended to be flying as they shouted “i am supergirl, yay”.

Sherilyn’s obsession was far worse off than Alycia’s as she insisted to wear it all the time, from pooping time, to meal time, to napping time. Siau or not you say?

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What Keeps Me Going?

Many of my friends have been asking me what motivates me to rise so early every morning to work-out. For those who have missed reading my previous posts, I wake up at 6:45am every morning to work-out. When I was still working, I used to rise at 5:45am to jog. Well, here are my top 10 reasons :

1) So that I can remain a size 0 and get to wear nice, appealing clothes instead of dressing up frumpily like an ah soh or see lai (albeit I am already in the see lai category in the sense that I am a mother, an aun-tee and a SAHM). Sorry, no offense to larger size women, don’t mean to imply you in any way 🙂

2) So that I can still wear my pre-pregnancy clothes. My clothes are all expensive, so instead of giving them away, I’d rather stay slim so that I can recycle my old clothes.

3) So that I still look young, vibrant, healthy & fit and energetic. Often times, I get compliments from strangers saying that I don’t look at all like a mother of 2. They’d thought I was still a student! Oh puh leeze… but that did make me walk on airs for a moment.

4) So that my complexion is porcelain smooth and blemish-free coz exercising eliminates toxins from the body through sweat.

5) So that I can still indulge in my favourite sinful desserts everyday like Papa Beard’s cream puffs, cakes, Paramount chicken pie, cakes, Haegan Dazz ice-cream, the list goes on.

6) So that my backache is kept at bay. Exercising on my fitball every morning has helped tremendously in keeping my backache from coming back.

7) I love to smell the crisp, fresh and cool morning air every morning as I jog and listen to birds chirping happily away as if to greet me good morning.

8) I love the absolute peace and tranquility in the house every morning, without 2 brats driving me up the wall and I don’t have to holler like a deranged woman at 2 lil’ brats who seem deaf at times.

9) So that I can buy the newspapers and read first hand news while there is still peace and quiet time.

10) So that I can buy some groceries without having to worry about my 2 lil’ brats running about in the mini market, touching breakable items and squashing up vegetables or eggs.

I believe anyone can also do it if they have the absolute will-power and discipline for it.

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Healthy Snacks

Pine nuts and pumpkin seeds.

Sherilyn counting her pine nuts away as she pops each nut into her mouth.

I always stock up boxes of healthy snacks in my house for the gals to munch on when their little tummies rumble or simply to use as baits to stop a toddler’s meltdown.
Alycia and Sherilyn’s favourite snacks are seeds and nuts of all kinds, especially pine nuts and pumpkin seeds. Seeds and nuts are the healthiest choice of snacks I can think of coz seeds and nuts are loaded with protein, calcium, fibre and good oils. The gals love peanuts too but I try not to give them too much coz peanuts can be heaty. So if I want to eat peanuts, I only eat when my brats are asleep!

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Our Lunch

This is what we have for lunch today :

A lung-nourishing soup…. ‘loh hon koa’ (a brown black dried fruit with seeds inside) boiled with snow fungus, ‘mutt zhoa’ (dried honey dates), some red dates, ‘kei chee’ (wolfberries) and kampung chicken (free range).

Stir-fried yee meen with diced chicken breast, tofu pok (tofu puff), vegetables, bean sprouts, 2 eggs and msg-free soya sauce. This is Alycia’s favourite dish. She loves yee meen and calls it ‘magger mee’. Whenever she sees her kakak eating instant noodles, she will drool and swallow her saliva as she stands next to her kakak and stare at her as she puts each spoonful into her mouth, with eyes fixated on the noodles. So hor lin, as though she is so famished and starved. Then she will say “kakak, tomorrow you must cook magger mee for me to eat”.
Each time we go to the sundry shop, she will beg me to buy yee meen for her. But I don’t really fancy buying yee meen too often coz it’s not that healthy.

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Before Alycia and Sherilyn Came Along…

Before Alycia and Sherilyn came along, daddy would sometimes carry mummy to the bed like a white knight sweeping his princess off her feet. After the both of you came along, daddy complains of backache to mummy all the time but the pain seems to have miraculously vanished when you both asked to be carried.

Before Alycia and Sherilyn came along, daddy would caringly wear socks for mummy when she had the sniffles. Now that daddy has you 2 darlings, he would obligingly wear socks for his 2 princesses no matter how busy or tired he may be. As for mummy? She knows how to wear the socks herself mah.

Before Alycia and Sherilyn came along, daddy would always lovingly help get mummy some food when they have meals together. Now that he has 2 beautiful princesses, he’d rather be feeding them. Mummy leh? Aiyah… no need to eat so much wan, eat less is good.

Before Alycia and Sherilyn came along, Daddy and Mummy enjoy sharing their desserts together and they can peacefully take their own sweet time to savour every spoonful. Eversince you both came along, daddy prefers to share his dessert with his 2 princesses, though most of the time, he ends up having none.

Before Alycia and Sherilyn came along, daddy and mummy would always have a beautiful couple snapshot together when it’s our birthdays. Now that you both are here, mummy is always the cameraman and no where to be seen in pictures.

So is mummy still happy now that she has you both? The answer is a resounding YES, absolutely no regrets and no, mummy is not jealous. Alycia and Sherilyn, when you both read this post a few years down the road, you will know how much your daddy and mummy love you.

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Wholesome lunch

My lunch menu for my maid to cook yesterday was a wholesome one. This is what the gals had for lunch yesterday:

Oat meal cooked in ABC & sweet corn soup. I added some homemade chicken nuggets (leftover from the previous night’s dinner), chopped french beans, cheese and sprinkled with some pine nuts. I use pine nuts as the ‘bait’ and incentive for Alycia to eat the oats coz lately, Alycia just hates to eat oats and porridge. Perhaps she has been eating these stuff almost everyday the moment she turned 6 months for the next 2 years till she got really sick of them. But sometimes when I run out of ideas for lunch, I just cook them something really nutritious and quick like oat meal.

ABC and sweet corn soup boiled with kampung (free-range) chicken.

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