The Great Flood… part 2 (Back-dated post)

This pic was taken 2 hours after the flood water came gushing to our neighbourhood from a river. A few hours later, the water level was up to my car window.

Neighbours’ cars all submerged in muddy water.

This is a back-dated post. When our house was almost destroyed by the great flood last year, both DH’s and my car were almost destroyed. As our cars were not insured against flood, DH had spent close to RM20k on repair bills on his new MPV and close to RM10k on my not-too-old Proton Wira. DH’s car was stuck in the workshop for close to half a year while awaiting computerized parts to arrive from Japan. When DH finally got his car back all repaired, his car was stolen 4 months later. It’s freaky and uncanny isn’t it? It’s like this car was just not meant to be his.

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Cool Gadget For Babies And Adults

My sil recently got a cool gadget for the gals from Hong Kong, but mummy and daddy can also use it. It’s a anti-mosquito device, specially designed for babies. The device operates by emitting ultrasounds within a range of 3 metres which annoy mosquitoes without causing any undesired effect to people or animals. It operates on batteries with an average useful life of approximately 100 hours. This gadget is so small that you can fasten it to your clothes, babies’ strollers, planpen, just on anything. Cool or not?

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Alycia My Young Reader

Every morning as the gals have their breakfast, I will be seated at the dining table reading the newspapers as I sip my cup of green tea. Most times, Alycia will climb onto my chair and ask me to read the newspapers to her. I will then quiz her by pointing out familiar words to her. Yesterday, as I walked into the kitchen to get a bowl, Alycia quickly climbed onto my chair and began to ‘read’ the papers, flipping the pages like a pro reader and pointing to the words as if she knows how to read. I think I will be the happiest mommy around if Alycia can finally read a book or the newspapers on her own.

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Chinese Dumpling

Chinese dumpling bought from the pasar malam (night market).

My mil makes one of the tastiest ‘hum yoke choong’ or chinese dumpling. Her dumplings are bursting with ‘hum’ or fillings inside the glutinous rice. She stuffs her dumplings with generous amount of pork meat, chinese chestnuts, beans, salted egg yolks, mushrooms and a special dried shrimps paste which she grinds and fries before stuffing them into the choong and wrapping the choong with leaves. Everyone adores her dumplings but she has not made them for 2 years now as last year she was in New Zealand and now, she’s in Hong Kong.

As DH was craving to eat choong, he bought 6 of them from the pasar malam yesterday and his favourite style of eating the hum yoke choong is with castor sugar… yikes, how unhealthy. As for me… being a low-carb dieter, I only eat all the stuffings, minus the glutinous rice and pass all the rice to DH, the trash eater!

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