Money In My PayPal Account :) :)

Woohoo…..I can finally see money in my PayPal account. 2 weeks ago, Bloggerwave sent me my payment, then last week I received payment from Blogitive and today, 5 more payments from Blogitive and 1 royalty payment from Cremaid. What a sense of achievement I get looking at my account in PayPal.

Blogitive is rather prompt in their payment and I must say Cremaid is the quickest. 3 days ago, I had posted an article for them and today, Cremaid e-mailed me to inform me that my post has been selected to appear on the Conversation “ Hotel Discounts”. This post will be syndicated to the widgets included inside each of the participating posts. And today itself, Cremaid sent me my payment, as promised by them of a 24-hour payment.

Gee…. seeing money in my PayPal account really motivates me to write more.

Now, I better key in my youngest sil’s US bank account number into my PayPal account to transfer my funds into her account.

I wonder when PayPal will resolve their technical glitch.

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Sherilyn’s Quirks

My Sherilyn seems to have many quirks. Apart from her craze with cloth nappies, recently she developed another bizarre tendency of bringing an item with her to sleep. This item can be her bear bear, Elmo soft toy, Minnie Mouse soft toy, Hello Kitty purse, a book and yesterday, she brought 2 Mega blocks to bed and insisted to have the blocks put on her pillow. She seems to feel very secured when there’s a toy next to her when she naps during the day or sleeps at night. Alycia didn’t have this quirk when she was Sherilyn’s age till now.

Anyone has toddlers with this strange behaviour too?

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Sherilyn Finally Eats Unblended Food

Yay! Sherilyn has finally been eating unblended food for the last 3 days. As she has been showing signs for the pass few days that she has had enough of blended food coz whenever my maid fed her blended rice with dishes, she gave an expression as if she wanted to puke and kept saying “i dowan blended rice”. So 3 days ago, we gave her unblended food and she was so pleased though she still spat out most of the meat and took almost 2 hours to finish her bowl of food. Only my maid has the patience to sit at the dining table for 2 hours to feed Sherilyn.

Yay… unblended food finally.

I can chew mummy… but I still don’t like meat.

Sherilyn’s meal of rice, steam tofu, vege and ‘tai yi mar kar lui’ (stir-fried melon with chicken breast, dried shrimps and toong fun)

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Sherilyn’s Favourite Pyjamas

Of the 10 sets of pjs that Sherilyn has in her closet, she only likes to wear the oldest and most worn out pink pjs that has a picture of a bear sitting on a big crescent moon, the pjs that her cheh cheh once wore. I hope I don’t have to snip off the sleeves and bottom parts of the pants to make way for her to fit into this pjs when she finally outgrows this pink pjs, just like what I did to Alycia’s tight Mothercare pjs.

Well, I should be happy that my persistent training and teaching to my gals to be frugal has paid off, shouldn’t I?

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