Switching Places

3 days ago, Alycia and Sherilyn decided they wanted to switch places during dinner time. Alycia had wanted to sit on her sister’s high chair, use her bowl and insisted to eat cereal whilst Sherilyn agreed to sit on her cheh cheh’s booster seat, use cheh cheh’s bowl and eat her dinner without blending them.

I knew Alycia hates cereal and would never eat them (she never liked cereal when she was a baby) but I made her some cereal anyway to satisfy her whimps and fancies and also to prevent a meltdown during dinner. As I’d expected, the moment my maid put a small spoonful of cereal into her mouth, she spat it out, eyes turned watery and eeyweeeookkk……. wanted to puke, as seen in the picture below.

After trying hard to suppress herself from puking while choking and trying to cough out the remnance of the cereal from her throat, she finally ppppppuuuuuuuked out her dinner….. eeeeeshhh…… made me want to puke too.

Sherilyn was instead happily sitting on cheh cheh’s seat and eating her unblended food, though she spat out some meat….. and then finished off cheh cheh’s cereal.

There’s never a dull moment when you have 2 brats!

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