Sherilyn Takes 2 Hours To Eat

Yup, no joke. Sherilyn takes 2 hours or more to finish her lunch and dinner. She has the habit of storing the food in her mouth before deciding whether to swallow them or spit them out or at times she’d decide to be a ruminant, like a cow.

Thank God my maid has the patience to sit patiently and wait for Sherilyn to finish her meals coz I definitely have no patience sitting at the dining table for 2 hours trying to coax or bribe her to swallow her food. I’d rather be clearing the table and washing the dishes.

A few days ago, Sherilyn had spent close to 1.5 hours to finish off her cereal and Mac n Cheese during lunch. Later she saw me eating toasted bread and begged for a slice. I then gave her a slice of toast with organic strawberry jam (her favourite) and she decided she wanted to toss and flip the toast as if she was making roti canai and then…….

… she flipped the toast, it flew right down to the floor. Aarrgghhh….great….. no more toast for her. I was actually relieved that the bread had dropped, otherwise I’d have have to wait for another one hour for her to finish off the toast.

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Glass Noodles

Alycia and Sherilyn had glass noodles with homemade fish paste and vegetables cooked in ‘sharks’ fins melon’ soup (a type of melon that resembles sharks’ fins after it’s boiled) for lunch yesterday. The gals love glass noodles and all types of noodles, especially noodles that are fried as well as pastas, macaroni and spaghetti.

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