Simple, Healthy and Tasty Dishes

On Sunday, we feasted at PJ Hilton to celebrate Father’s Day. Normally after having buffet for lunch, I’d have an ultra light dinner consisting of only vegetables and soup. The gals will still eat their regular dinner. This is what we had for dinner on Sunday, something light and simple, after pigging out during lunch :

Stir-fried turnip with shredded carrots, mushrooms, dried shredded cuttlefish and diced chicken breast. This dish is the gals’ favourite, as well as mine.

Steamed egg with minced chicken meat, sweet corn, spring onions, soya sauce and sesame seed oil. I call it Chawan Mushi (a Japanese steamed egg dish which the gals love) and the gals think it is Chawan Mushi and so devour it too.

Plain french beans, microwaved. This is plain and rather tasteless but the gals love it anyway, especially Sherilyn my little herbivore who loves nibbling on the beans.

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Tag : Blogivitis

I was just about to write about why I am so hooked on blogging until I read Jazzmint‘s blog and found out that she had tagged me on a similar topic. Good tag Jazzmint and ‘thanks’ for the tag!

Here are the 10 reasons why I think I am infected with this difficult-to-treat ‘Blogivitis’ disease and the effect Blogivitis has on me :

1) I spend around 6 hours on the computer daily.

2) My mind revolves around blogging practically the whole day. Well, this is not a negative point. At least it keeps my mind positively occupied and active and keeps me sane from my 2 lil brats. Blogging helps me to de-stress.

3) I try to sneak to my computer at every opportunity I can seize.

4) I have never loved my digital camera this much before I started blogging. Thanks to my loh koong chai for getting me a new digital camera for my birthday 3 months ago. My camera is now with me all the time and I snap at every single object, food or situation that interests me. When it comes to food, even DH knows that I have to snap pix first before he or the gals get to devour on the food and even takes the initiative to arrange the food presentably. No matter how famished they are, they have to WAIT for mummy to take pictures first.

5) My kids…. I take pix of my kids when they play, sleep, cry, laugh, look cute or funny, sad or silly, angry or happy, ridiculous or gross….. I capitalize on every situation so that I have lots to write about my 2 very interesting kids. My kids also get to read about their journal and see how wonderful or terrible they had been when they are old enough to read.

6) At times, I feel like a walking zombie as a result of loosing sleep from blogging.

7) DH is complaining that I am going bonkers over blogging.

8) I’ve never been so interested in IT and web page design till I started blogging. When I was still working, I had scores of IT staff assisting and spoon-feeding me whenever IT problems cropped up, thus I never really had to crack my brain or take the initiative to learn up IT. So from an almost IT retard, I must say that my IT knowledge and skills have improved by leaps and bounds eversince I started blogging 2 months ago.

9) I have made friends with so many wonderful blogging mommies and daddies who have
been giving me wonderful comments to keep me motivated.

10) My hubby and kids fight with me over the computer.

Now I’m going to pass this tag to these 5 great bloggers whom I think are just as obsessed with blogging as I am :

Chin Nee
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Big Pumpkin
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