Cool Cucumbers

Another healthy snack for my lil’ ones to munch on…. cool Japanese cucumbers. I normally cut some cool cucumbers for us to munch when I have a heaty dish on my menu like pan-fried tempeh, homemade chicken nuggets or pan-fried fish. The cool cucumbers help to chill-out the body and help keep sore-throat at bay.

Sherilyn my lil’ greens lover can even gobble up 1 whole baby cucumber all by herself.

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Ms Pukey in action…. puking of course

Warning : you are about to view some gross pictures below.
Please skip this post and/or the pictures if you have a weak tummy or think you may get nauceated after viewing them.

I had thought that I could wean Sherilyn off blended food but after spending more than half an hour trying to make her chew and swallow her unblended food a few nights ago, I gave up coz she wasn’t swallowing her food, especially the meat. She begged for cereal but I said no and told her that cereal is only for babies.
So I dumped her meal into the blender, got it all blended up and after she had finished it with much reluctance, Sherilyn spewed out her dinner like a volcano.

Miss Pukey Spitty Spat ended up having ‘fast food’ for dinner instead…… her favourite brown rice cereal and licked up the bowl too. My lil’ brat always has her ways of getting what she wants, through puking….. manipulative isn’t she?

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My Nasi Lemak, Minus The Santan Rice

While my gals had pumpkin and rice noodles for lunch, health freak mommy wasn’t too health conscious today and had sinfully delicious nasi lemak for lunch, minus the santan (coconut milk) rice of course.

This morning as I was jogging pass a famous nyonya nasi lemak stall near my house, the aroma of hot chicken rendang and santan rice permeated the cool morning air around me as the nasi lemak seller opened the lid of a big pot containing her chicken rendang and santan rice and that instantly whetted my appetite. So greedy me bought a piece of chicken rendang, a few pieces of sambal brown sotong (cuttlefish), half a slice of pan-fried luncheon meat (i know it’s unhealthy, so i only ate 2 bites, ok ok… 3 bites), some fried anchovies with groundnuts and sambal long beans.

What a satisfying lunch I have had.

To all my loyal readers from overseas, are you slobbering already?

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Pumpkin Noodles

Alycia & Sherilyn had something that they have not tasted before for lunch today, pumpkin and rice noodles. MIL’s sister from Ipoh gave us a packet of this noodles a few weeks back and today, I finally cooked it for the gals, with homemade fish paste, vege and black chicken & snow fungus soup.

The gals loved the noodles. The texture of the noodles is smooth and not at all starchy and lightly fragrant. Even Ms Pukey and Spitty Spat Sherilyn loved it.

I shall try to get a few more packets of pumpkin and rice noodles when I next make a trip back to Ipoh.

The delicious, springy and smooth pumpkin and rice noodles with fish paste, vege & black chicken soup.

Black chicken and snow fungus soup with kei chee and red dates.

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Sherilyn Fell Off The Bed

Sherilyn gave daddy and mummy a big scare early this morning when she rolled off our masterbed and landed on the parquet floor with a loud thud. After both the gals had finished their milk, Alycia went back to sleep while Sherilyn, as usual, climbed onto our bed and slept next to daddy. I then went into the bathroom to have a quick scrub and left the bathroom door ajar. Minutes later, I heard a loud thud. I quickly opened the bathroom door and saw my poor Sherilyn on the floor wailing her lungs out and daddy sprung out from bed to pick Sherilyn up and soothed her. I then ran out from the bathroom, with water still dripping down my wet body and hugged my poor baby. Mummy’s hug and comfort seemed to subdue her a little and thank God, minutes later, Sherilyn stopped crying and was her normal self again. Till now, there’s still no vomitting and she is as hyperactive and cheeky as usual and eating like normal.

This is the 2nd time Sherilyn had fallen off the bed. Last year when she was 12 months old, she fell off Auntie Connie’s bed when we stayed there after our house was submerged in flood water. We brought her to the hospital as I’d thought she had broken her nose coz she landed face down on the floor and there was a light bruise mark on her nose. She survived that minor accident without any injuries too. Then a few months later, she was hit by a swing when she darted across a boy on a fast moving swing at the park. Again, she miraculously survived that accident though she almost gave me a heart attack when I saw her covered with mud. Months later, she broke her left thumb when it got squashed by a steel door. I also had a near miss heart seizure.

Well, toddlers are made to be resilient, aren’t they? That’s the wonder of God’s works.

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