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You Are 52% Vain

You’re a little vain, but more than anything you have a healthy amount of confidence.
Thinking the world of yourself is great. Just don’t think less of those who aren’t as pretty as you!

HipnCoolMomma passed this tag to me. To do this tag, I am supposed to take a test comprising a short questionnaire on my vanity and boy… I am surprised that I am ONLY 52% vain. I’d thought that I’d be 70% and above vain. Those who know me well enough knows that I am indeed a vain-pot, since my primary school days. Theimperfectmom can testify to that.

Here are my 7 vanity / fashion sense facts :

1) I am very particular about my face/complexion. I can tolerate no zits or blackheads or any flaws on my face and thus, I try to eat and drink healthily, sometimes I become fanatic about what I eat and drink. I drink approximately 12 glasses of PLAIN water a day and that excludes 2 cups of green tea, 1 cup of skim milk and 2 bowls of home-cooked soup a day.

2) I am very particular about my hair coz they are very fine and flimsy, like babies’ hair, so they are hard to style and always get out of place. Because of this, I tend to brush my hair very frequently but oh, since my 2 gals came along, I’d ditched my big brush from my totebag and have since replaced it with wet wipes and Dettol wipes (for wiping public toilet seats for Alycia to use in public). Theimperfectmom can also testify to this. She used to be my chief hairstylist back in school and man she is good, just like her koo mah.

3) I am super weight-conscious and I think I had mentioned this before, I weigh myself on the scale at LEAST twice a day and sometimes more. If ever the red needle on my scale moves slightly to the right, boy, that’s a red flag for me and i know it’s time for me to jog an extra 10 minutes the following day.

4) I like to wear sleeveless tops, mainly spaghetti straps or tube tops (but now my tubes are temporarily shelved BUT will be BACK in use when I no longer have to carry Sherilyn my lil’ brat who sometimes demands to be carried). No, not that I am deliberately inviting wolves to gawk at me but I am one person who cannot stand the hot sweltering Malaysian weather, so that’s the reason why I love wearing as thin a layer of clothes as I am permitted to so that I feel cool and comfortable. My man is quite possessive and jealous wan and dont like his wifey to be whistled and slobbered at by sake long.

5) I used to put on eye shadow, mascara and perfume when I go out but now, I just can’t squeeze in enought time to do that. My must-haves before I leave my house is simple…. baby powder on my face, my blusher, liner for my faint coloured eyebrows and a thin layer of lipbalm or lipstick.

6) I use a good toner and moisturizer for my face and I use Lancome.

7) I squeeze a tiny amount of lemon juice on my face as astringent every week to tighthen and detox my face. I read somewhere that lemon juice is a great ‘food’ for the skin. I also apply cool cucumber slices on my eyes whenever I slice up some for my gals to snack on.

8) One more bonus fact for my readers. I brush my teeth after almost every meal. I used to keep a bottle of Listerine and a pack of dental floss at my office drawer when I was still working and whenever I didn’t have time to brush my teeth, Listerine and dental floss came in handy. I absolutely abhor bad breath and body odour.

Now let me see who will be my next target to pass this tag to.

Big Pumpkin… you look good. I am curious to know your vanity secrets. Don’t run away from this tag ah.
LZ Mommy
Baby Shern… again. How can I leave you out. Dont be angry ah?
Malaika’s mum
Mommibee… you look gorgeous. I want to know your beauty tips too.

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Yesterday, I cooked penne pasta with blended tomatoes, bombay onions and minced chicken meat for the gals’ lunch.

Even Ms Pukey Spitty Spat Sherilyn loved it and finished her small bowl of pasta, though she spat out some of the chicken meat.

For instant quick and easy to cook spaghetti sauce, can also try Prego Tomato and Basil spaghetti sauce. Taste better than my homemade blended tomato sauce but packed with additives.

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Alycia Is Learning To Speak Intelligibly

Scenario 1
Yesterday evening as I was combing Alycia’s hair after her bath, she said this to me :

Alycia : Mum, today is so precious…… (and gives me a lovely smile)

Me : Why do you say so?

Alycia : Because today is so lovely.

Me : Lovely…. why do you say today is lovely?

Alycia : Because God made today so lovely and it’s so windy and din rain.

I had brought the gals to the park yesterday evening as the weather was fine and they had a swell time playing there. So, I guess she’s had a very enjoyable and happy time and therefore concluded that the day was so precious and lovely.

Scenario 2
Yesterday morning as I was all wrapped up working on my computer, Alycia asked me to open up her toy school bus which was folded. This was our conversation :

Alycia : Mum, can you please open up my bus for me?

Me : Ok…. give me 1 minute k.

Alycia : No, i want now.

Me : Later k.

She then ran to the kitchen and asked kakak to open up the bus for her . My maid who was outside at the wet kitchen cooking said “later” to her. Alycia then ran back to the hall.

Alycia : Kakak said she’s busy.

Me : Uh huh…..

Alycia : (grunting out her frustration) WHY is everyone busy? Kakak said she’s busy, you are busy, why is everyone always busy (and almost in tears)?

When she said that, man I tell you I was gob-smacked and guilt stricken. How could I have ignored my poor baby when she’s just asking me to get her her toy? I then sprung up from my computer chair and opened up the toy for her. Alycia sure knows how to make me feel damn guilty and bad. My baby is growing up fast.

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