Rubbing Vicks On The Soles Of Feet

I’m sure most of you would have already read and heard that applying Vicks on the soles of a toddler’s feet would help stop a toddler from coughing. I didn’t believe it because it didn’t sound convincing and logical to me and it’s not scientifically proven that it works.

Alycia was coughing, huffing and puffing away directly on my face for a good 1.5 hours last night when finally I told myself that if this continues, neither of us would get to sleep at all. I then remembered reading from a parenting forum and also Big Pumpkin’s recent post in her blog that applying Vicks to the soles of the feet can stop a toddler from coughing. So I jumped out from my bed at around 12ish am, turned off the air-cond as the cold air was making Alycia’s throat dry and itchy, got my bottle of Vicks and rubbed them on the soles of Alycia’s feet, put on socks for her and rubbed a small amount of Vicks on her chest and back as well. Believe it or not, within 15 minutes, she dozed off to lalaland and slept soundly till 8:30 this morning. Well, i’m still not 100% convinced that the Vicks did the trick, i think it was more of a fluke and psychological effect on Alycia’s mind. I shall try it again tonight if Alycia continues to cough and if the Vicks still works in stopping her cough, then I shall be convinced.

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Home-cooked food

Yesterday we had deep fried caterpillars for dinner and they tasted so good. We loved them so much that we licked the platter clean. Look at the pic above, don’t they look appetizing?

Gob-smacked, shocked? What on earth is Health Freak Mommy feeding her kids with? Has you gone crazy from an overdoze of blogging? Gotcha… I was just kidding! Don’t they look like fried caterpillars or some exotic bugs that you see on Fear Factor?

Those are pan-fried fish roe. I love them but my gals don’t really fancy them but still eats them. Normally my maid and I would feast on them. Good source of protein and just one of the perfect food for an Atkin’s follower.

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