Home-cooked Food

Our dinner yesterday :

Braised chicken with canned green peas, bombay onions, pepper and Lea and Perrin sauce.

Stir-fried baby kailan with diced chicken breast, shredded ginger, organic soya sauce and rice wine.

Hmmm….. perhap I should consider starting a food blog one of these days since I am having so much fun experimenting with food, snapping pix of them and writing about them. Another food for thought…..

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8 thoughts on “Home-cooked Food

  1. Mmm…Yummy, wish I was in KL having dinner with the u and the kids! The home-cooked food looks very delicious. Why not compile a recipe book on Nutricious and Healthy Home-ccoked Dishes.

  2. well….there goes my diet again….my tummy is growling now just looking at the dishes. the green pea dish was my fav when i was a kid 😀

  3. green peas are sweet, has been sometime since i cook something with peas. thanks for the idea, pal!

  4. your meal is so healthy and green. no wonder you and your angels have flawless skins. good job mommy.

  5. Love home cooked food..! go ahead and start a food blog.. 😉 that would be really nice.. to “steal” some recipe from you ..;)

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