What Dishes Am I Going To Whip Up?

We went shopping at Mid Valley the whole afternoon yesterday. As usual, as I went on my bi-weekly retail theraphy to de-stress myself, DH secretly bought the gals yet another toy but this time, I have to give DH credit coz the toy is both educational and fun to play with. Want to see the new toy? Wait…. let me snap some pix of it and post them later.

Anyway, I wanted to show you what I’ve bought from the supermarket at Jaya Jusco.

Fresh oyster mushrooms and Enoki mushrooms.

Fresh ginko and fresh lotus seeds (lin chee).

Fresh bamboo shoots.

So, want to see what dishes I am going to whip up with these fresh and healthy stuff? I haven’t got a clue yet. Any good suggestions? I bought the mushrooms coz they are known to be wholesome, full of vitamins and minerals and anti-cancerous. Gingko seeds are supposed to be good for memory and blood circulation and the lotus seeds and fresh bamboo shoots… ah can’t remember what they are good for but they are wholesome too.

Do come back to see what this quack and wannabe cook has whipped up, k?

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5 thoughts on “What Dishes Am I Going To Whip Up?

  1. haha, i bought enoki and mushroom yesterday too.
    can’t wait to see what you’ll serve. i might make chawanmushi with those mushy. slice it first of course.

  2. i love my mushroon with just garlic in it. I saute the garlic in butter, put the mushrooms in the pan, add a lil water(wait til it boils), then season to taste.

  3. ooops i forgot about the bamboo shoots. you can saute it with tomatoes, onion and garlic. you gotta slice or cut the bamboo shoots in thin small slices. season with salt and pepper. I use olive oil or canola oil when i saute or fry

  4. I usually buy the ginko still in the shells. What’s the difference? I bought the toddler barley already – will try it out tomorrow 😉

  5. Leena & Girlie… tks 4 d suggestions. I’ll mix & match and see what i can come up with.

    Big pumpkin… gingko in the shells are fresher. The ones that i bot are vacuum sealed and already shelled, so not that fresh anymore but it saves me all the trouble of having to shell them, just hate doing that.

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