I Am Touched

I was so touched today when HipnCoolmomma left a comment in one my posts to ask if I was alright as I had not made any postings in my blog yesterday. When I finally sent out my post this afternoon, she was the first to comment on it. That was just so sweet and thoughtful of you Girlie. Thanks!

Well, life has been rather hectic for me for the past few days. Alycia and Sherilyn have been demanding a lot of attention from me lately. Whenever I start to work on my computer, the gals, especially Sherilyn will climb onto my chair to sit with me and start hitting my keyboard or try pressing the on/off button. Sherilyn will then demand that I read to her from the computer or she would bring out her books and beg me to read to her. So I have to stop everything I am doing and attend to her whimps and fancies immediately, lest she throws herself into a fit of rage and end up puking… she’s Miss Pukey remember? Oh yes talking about puking, she also puked after her dinner 2 days ago and ended up eating her beloved favourite cereal. And she is finally weaned OFF from blended food for more than 1 week, YAY! But she only wants to eat fish with lots of fish sauce (soya sauce, garlic and spring onions all stir-fried) and doesn’t like it plain. She still hates chicken.

Last night, it was Alycia’s turn to puke when I brushed her teeth. Good thing she puked on the bathroom floor and not inside the room as it was already close to 11pm and it drives me bonkers when they mess up the bedroom with vomit at such an ungodly hour. When it was time for bedtime stories, I was already drop dead frazzled and sleepy and my eyelids just refused to stay upright. I hurriedly rushed off reading 2 Starfall storybooks to them and turned down Alycia’s pleas to have her kids’ bible read to her. Gosh, I really felt bad but my brain just couldn’t function as I have been getting interrupted sleep for the last few nights when Alycia kept waking up and demanded that I go and sleep with her in the gals’ room. I had also read a few books to them yesterday and in the evening we also walked to a nearby mini market to do some grocery shopping and thereafter went to the park. It was a long and tiring day and it was and is still hazy and that made me tire out easily.

Today, Sherilyn accidentally pooed in her pants and as I was rushing her to the toilet, the poop dropped on the floor!!! Oh how gross…. and my helper had to clean up the mess whilst I cleaned Sherilyn up. Later when I was typing a paid post and was about to send it out, Sherilyn came and ka ka cau cau and I messed the whole post up and had to exit from Blogger and signed in again.

It’s really tough working at home when you have 2 defiant toddlers who constantly want your attention. Having said all these, I still have no regrets being a SAHM or rather WFHM.

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New Toy

This is the new toy that daddy bought Alycia and Sherilyn from Toys R Us last Friday. It’s a school tent, to complete the yellow school bus tent that daddy bought them one month ago. This school bus tent is both educational and fun to play with. Alycia and Sherilyn love to pour all their toys inside and sleep inside the tent and pretend they are camping.

One side of the school tent has an easle where the gals can affix a piece of paper to it and draw. There are also prints of the letters of the alphabet on the side of the tent.

The other side of the tent has a detachable clock with movable hour and minute hands. The tent also comes with alphabet and numbers pieces with velcro at the back that are attachable on straps of velcro on the tent. I can teach the gals mathematics and spelling on the walls of the tent.

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