My Wholesome and Simple Lunch

This is my lunch almost everyday. Homemade bread with Steffi’s sugar-free peanut butter or kaya (LOVE kaya but don’t always eat it as it’s fattening), avocado or organic jams, sugar-free black sesame jam (another of my favourite) or tuna fish.

A ripe avocado in halves, ready to be scooped out to be spread on the bread or directly into our mouths (the gals love avocado).

I had this yesterday. Fresh Avocado on toasted homemade bread with peanut butter and organic strawberry jam. Thankfully Alycia and Sherilyn also love Avocadoes as they are very nutritious and packed with good oil, Vitamin E and other vitamins and minerals.

Read more about avocado here.

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Why Did Alycia Do That?

Yesterday, Alycia did something that’s unimaginable and absolutely gross. After she had finished her milk before her afternoon nap, she went to drink water from her cup. She then picked her nose, dug out some ‘gold’ and flicked it into Sherilyn’s cup of water. I did not see her doing that but after her mischievous act, she ran to me feeling guilty yet thinks it’s funny and said “mummy, I put my nose poop into Kay Yi’s water”. I was fuming mad and asked why she did that. She just giggled and brushed the incident aside and took it with a pinch of salt. This is not the fist time she had done something so mischievous. She had previously done something similar like putting her ‘gold nugget’ into her her sister’s mouth. I just don’t understand why she had done something so gross and naughty as she absolutely knows that it is not right to do.

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