Another Lucky Day For Me

Today is another lucky day for me. This morning I got 1 offer from ReviewMe and 7 offers from Blogitive but I only accepted 5 from Blogitive coz I am not the greedy type. When my plate is full and can no longer fit in anymore, I’ll gracefully decline more offers. Hey, anyway writing 6 paid posts in 1 day is NO JOKE man. This is not my full-time job. Moreover today, I’ve been busy…. we went to the paed’s office, then went out for lunch and when we came home, had to feed Sher medicine and then put 2 hyper toddlers to sleep. I have not even touched my newspapers yet. Ok I better stop talking crap here, gotta continue working now…..

And oh yes, if I’ve not dropped by your blog yet, don’t be mad k, I will definitely visit your blog either tonight or tomorrow 🙂

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Sherilyn My Little Terror

Yesterday morning as Sherilyn was doing her poopy business on her potty, her itchy hands were busy twisting the drawer knobs and she unscrewed all the drawer knobs and played with them. Sensing trouble ahead, I wanted to stop her from playing as I just had a bad feeling she’d throw one or two knobs into her potty but before I could even say “stop playing”, I heard Sherilyn saying “uh oh….. i drop it inside my potty”. Shit….. i am in deep shit coz i would have to fish the knob out from the pile of shit. Oh, what shitty business have I got myself into for neglecting Sherilyn for just 5 minutes. Eeewwww…….. so i brought the potty to the backyard, put on triple layers of plastic bags over my hands and fished out the pooped covered drawer knob, wrapped it in another layer of plastic bag and chucked it into the bin.

The botak chest of drawers with knobs all removed by Ms Itchy Fingers Sherilyn.

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Alycia Loves Seeing The Doctor

I found out today the real reason why Alycia always pretends to be sick. It’s no other reason than food again. After Alycia had recovered from cough recently, it’s Sher’s turn now and she’s got quite a bit of phlegm that irritates her throat and causes her to puke easily. I didn’t get to sleep the whole of last night coz the minute Sher coughed, I’d get startled and then I’d worry that she would puke. Today, we brought Sher to the paed’s office to get some medicine. If we go to this paed’s office located at Sri Petaling, daddy would surely bring us to Overseas Restaurant located a few doors away from the clinic to eat dim sum after seeing the paed.
As daddy made a turn into the road leading to the paed’s office, Alycia excitedly said “daddy, i want to eat dim sum”. My maid and I laughed coz for the past few days, she’s been pretending to cough whenever she hears her sister coughs and she’d say “mummy, i m sick, i want to see the doctor”. But mummy knows she’s just pretending as she wanted attention from me too. Today, I found out that her real reason is she wants to eat dim sum from Overseas Restaurant!

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Kids Say The Darnest Things – Part 3

Conversation 1

Alycia – Mum, long time we din go back to Ipoh to see koong koong and granny.
Me – yup, you miss them?
Alycia – Yess….
Me – we will go back to Ipoh next month to celebrate koong koong’s birthday, are you happy?
Alycia – Yyess….. and gives me a big grin.
Me – so what are you going to give koong koong for his birthday?
Alycia – hmmmm……a BIG hug….
Me – only a big hug?
Alycia – and a balloon….
Me – what shape balloon?
Alycia – hmmmmm… heart shape and hmmmmmm….. a square balloon.

Conversation 2

Alycia and Sherilyn had just gotten up from their afternoon nap and Alycia started to whine for no apparent reasons. After I had failed to subdue Alycia, I gave up and brought Sherilyn to the bathroom and as I was washing up Sherilyn…

Sher – mummy, where is Alycia?
Me – Alycia is whining and crying in the hall. Mummy hates the sounds of whining and crying you know, make me mad.
Sher – make me mad oso.
Me – you also always whine and cry for no reason, right?
Sher – ahahahaha……

Conversation 3

We were having dim sum at Overseas Restaurant today and Sherilyn was placed on a baby chair with a seat belt that was spoilt.

Sher to me – my seat belt is spoilt. Aunty, aunty.. … halo halo…. please come and fix my seat belt, it’s spoilt….. as she waves her hand to the waitress.
All of us laughed at her.

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Sherilyn Is So Crafty and Full Of Ideas

Ms Spitty Spat Sherilyn is so crafty and full of ideas. Whenever she wants something or doesn’t want something, she surely knows how to think of a cunning way to achieve her mission.

Whenever my maid feeds her chicken meat or fish meat that is a bit rough and hard to swallow, she will spit them all out into the food catcher of her bib. My maid will then scoop the food and put it back into her mouth.

Yesterday, she finally thought of a way to stop kakak from scooping the food and chucking them back into her mouth. Instead of spitting the food into her bib, she spat it out into her cup of water. See how artful this little sly fox is.

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Kids Say The Darnest Things – Part 2

More funny, touching and darn things that my gals had said :

Conversation 1
Kakak – Ok, everyone, please help kakak pick up the toys.
Sherilyn – I’m so tired…. (and then lets out a big sigh)

Conversation 2
Sherilyn sitting on her potty – Jajak (kakak)… i stomachache…. please help me…. please please……(as she scrunches her tummy in pain with her hands)
Jajak and mummy then burst out laughing.

Conversation 3
Alycia – Mum, you are so pretty, like an angel…
Me – Thank you Alycia. You’re also very pretty and you’re also mummy’s angel. Why do you say mummy is pretty like an angel? Have you seen how an angel looks like?
Alycia – No, but you look like a princess.

Conversation 4
On a dark evening as it was raining heavily…..
Me – Take a look outside Alycia, it’s raining cats and dogs and it’s so dark
Alycia – Where, where…. where got cats and dogs?
Me – Raining cats and dogs means raining very heavily.
Me – Ohhh……..

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Our Pet Fish

This is our little fish pond. We used to have 20+ little nemos but they didn’t make it in the little pond, maybe they were fighting for oxygen and food, I don’t know. When DH just bought them, they just died, one by one…. everyday the gals would rush out to the garden to see if they could see any little nemos float in the water and if there was, Alycia would fish it out for kakak to bury it. Finally after weeks, only 4 nemos survived. But the number 4 is not auspicious mah, sei sei sang. So a couple of days ago, DH bought a few more nemos.

Alycia helping daddy release the little nemos into the pond.

Two sweet umbrella girls in the scorching heat watching daddy release nemos and seaweed into the pond.

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