Everything Goes Into Her Mouth

DH got these 2 toy cars free when he purchased V-power oil. The gals love them so much as the cars have springs and with a pull backward, the car can zoom forward. A few nights ago, Sherilyn gave me a scare when she ran to me, opened her mouth and said “see mummy”. She had yanked off the rubber covering the wheels and put it into her mouth to chew like chewing gum. I almost flipped and quickly pulled out the rubber from her mouth, wiped her mouth with a wet hanky and gave her a piece of my mind. Now, the 2 bright red cars are on my top shelf, decorating my bedroom.

So to all parents out there, be careful of what you give your toddlers. Make sure the toy has no small detachable parts. Another good lesson learnt for DH and me.

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A Real Hectic Day

Today is a real busy busy day for me. This morning, I received another 6 offers on the same product from this advertiser but I only accepted 2. You know, this advertiser must have loved me so much that it has given me over 20 offers on the same product and I’ve written on this product for over 20 times. I feel like a new chef who has to whip up 20 over new styles to cook a dish of duck and mind you, the duck dish has to be really tasty and different in taste from one another. Anyway, I must pat my own back coz I managed to pull through and I must say I work better under pressure, I’ve always worked better under pressure.

We spent the whole afternoon at Mid Valley shopping and eating. DH’s visiting cousin from Taiwan wanted to eat ‘lai mien’ or pulled noodles so we went to Dragon I Restaurant again. Then, whilst I went to Jaya Jusco and Carrefoure shopping, DH AGAIN secretly brought the gals to Toys R Us and bought 2 new toys. After shopping, we went to Picollo Mondo for spaghetti, pasta and pizzza. Before we left Mid Valley, DH bought boss wifey her favorite Beard Papa’s cream puff.

When I came home, I received another 2 offers from 2 other advertisers. So here I am, rushing like mad.

Ok, gotta go. This post is a good enough and long enough for a filler post.

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Sweet Chestnuts

DH bought these peeled roasted chestnuts imported from China in packet form from Purple Cane Tea House last week. Alycia and Sherilyn loved them to bits, especially Alycia who insisted to eat them directly from the packet. Yesterday morning, when I poured out some chestnuts into the bowl for Alycia for breakfast, she waaaaaailed and insisted that she wants to eat them from the packet and she finished the whole packet all by herself and then asked for another packet. I am quite sceptical of food and products imported from China as I’ve read of them being tainted with pesticides, poision and what not. Anything that looks dodgy to me, I won’t want to put too much into my body. So when the gals were asleep, I hid the packet of chestnut, haha….

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A few days ago, as I was busy cleaning the gal’s cupboard where they keep their toys, I accidentally knocked down my Lamp Berger infuser and the expensive oil went dripping down from the table onto my thigh. I was squatting down and suddently felt something really cold, like alcohol hitting my thigh and I also heard splats of liquid dropping. When I looked up, I was horrified to see my Lamp Berger infuser on its side and the table, floor and my shorts were soaked with the expensive LB oil. More than half the bottle of oil had spilt out and I think that cost me over a hundered bucks. Hiyah…. what to do, it was my carelessness and there’s really no point crying over spilt oil……

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