A Surprise Call From Shern’s Mom

I had a surprise call on my mobile phone an hour ago. Guess who called me? It was Leena aka Shern’s Mom. She was at the Mattel warehouse sale at USJ and she called me to ask if I wanted her to help me get some cheap Barbie dolls. She said the Barbie dolls were going for RM10 each. I told her my gals have enough toys, in fact they have too many toys. Just yesterday, DH bought them another 2 new toys.

Anyway I’d like to say a big thank you to Leena for her kind thoughts. It was truly a surprise call for me. I’ve definitely made many good friends through blogging.

Leena definitely deserves the ‘award’ from HipnCoolmomma.

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Expert In Swallowing Medicine

Sherilyn is now an expert in swallowing her medicine. She used to puke at the sight of medicine whenever she was ill but now, she drinks them like drinking water…. easy peasy, no hassle, no fussing, no crying, no puking (but sometimes she still does puke) BUT there must be at least a slice of cake or some biscuits for her as reward after she has swallowed her medicine.

Notice the plastic bag hanging on the chair? That’s for collecting vomit just in case either of the gals puke. I always have a plastic bag hanging on a chair during meal times.

First, I drink my medicine from the tiny medicine cup.

Then, I put the cup down……

and lastly, I sink my tiny teeth into this soft plain chiffon cake. Hhhmmm…… so nice to fall sick, daddy will surely buy me lots of cakes to eat, hehehe……

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Home-made Pizza Bread

I made pizza bread for lunch a couple of days ago. It’s easy peasy. I used organic bread as the crust. As for the topping, I used minced chicken meat cooked in blended tomatoes and big onions, which was the leftover food from the previous night’s dinner. A minute before I switched off the toaster, I put a slice of Kraft cheese on top.

The outcome? Delicious. Both the gals loved them. Even Miss Spitty Spat Sherilyn finished her slice without spitting.

The pizza toasting in the oven.

This one is for Alycia.

And this one with extra cheese is for moi.

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Plastic Mats

I have 8 of these plastic mats at home. I put 3 under the gals’ bed, 2 under my bed and 2 for the mattress downstairs. I find them really useful for preventing pee, vomit and water from seeping into the mattress. It’s better and more practical to place the mats on top of the bedsheet but that would be very hot and uncomfortable for anyone sleeping on it.

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