Children’s Vapor Balm

This is the baby vicks, brand name Children’s Vapor Balm by 21st Century that I applied on Alycia and Sherilyn when they had cough. It’s made from real strawberries and is light pink in colour. Only costs RM6.95 and can be easily purchased from pharmacies. Even i love the smell, even feel like eating it when I smell it coz it smells so appetizing, haha…

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Wait ar….

I’ve been receiving quite a number of paid offers to write for the last one week and I’ve been sitting in front of my over-worked computer almost the whole day. My poor eyes are getting blurry coz I am too lazy to wear my glasses. I don’t even know where my glasses are! I’ve been so wrapped up in paid posts that I’ve not really gone blog hopping for 1 week or more. So my dear blogger friends, if I’ve not visited your blog yet, please forgive me ar, wait ar, i’ll definitely drop by. Not tonight coz I am going out for dinner, not tomorrow coz tomorrow is church day and outing day. Maybe on Monday next week. Have a nice weekend everyone!

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I Want To Bathe With Mummy!!

Alycia and I have been taking our baths together for the last 3 days and she is enjoying every moment of it. That’s the only time she gets to spend time alone with mummy without her lil’ sister and she gets my FULL attention and TLC.

Today, I had taken my bath early in the morning when I returned from my morning jog as I was really sweaty and sticky. When it was time to bathe Alycia later mid morning, Alycia demanded to bathe with me, not me bathing her but she wants the both of us having our baths together. She kept screaming “mummy i want to bathe with you, you take off your clothes, take off your pants, next time you don’t bathe first, you bathe together with me.” She was really upset that she didn’t get to spend her time alone with mummy and was wailing, rolling and kicking on the floor for more than half an hour. Aiyoh…. i tell you, i was angry yet felt bad, a mixture of feelings. I’ve really gotten myself into trouble now as I know she will for the next few days demand to have her baths together with me.

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It’s The Durian Season Now

Woohoo…. the durian season is back again. I love the durian season and I love durian terribly. Each time i pass by a roadside durian stall, i’ll ask DH to get me some durians. Yesterday, DH bought me 1 BIG plastic bag of durians (6 styrofoam boxes)… and that only cost him RM50. This includes 2 whole durians that he and his cousin ate at the stall and 1 styrofoam box that he gave to his friend…. all these for RM50, not bad. I ate so much durian that I felt so bloated and couldn’t even eat my dinner. I even gave 1 box to my maid to enjoy. I still have 1 big container full of durian in the fridge. That will probably last me for another 2 days. I am satisfied….burp…. stinky πŸ™‚

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Exercising Is My Life-Saver

I admit I am not only a health freak but also a fitness freak. I love exercising. Those who love exercising will totally agree with me that words cannot describe how beneficial exercise is to your body, mind and soul. You have to try it to experience the benefits yourself.

Lately, I’ve been writing quite a handful of paid posts. Writing these reviews ain’t easy. Sometimes I’ll have to really crack my rusty brains on what to write. However, when I go for my daily 40 mins of morning jog each day, the ideas just keep pouring out from my head. It must be the work of the feel good hormones released during exercise. When I return from my jogging session, I feel really refreshed, happy and full of ideas with what to write.

Not only does exercising help with the overall well-being of my body, mind and soul, it keeps my weight in check. I can still eat almost everything that I fancy. Yesterday, I had gorged on 1.5 Beard Papa’s cream puff, 1/2 slice of cheese cake from Bread Talk, a big plate of home-cooked fried noodles, some pumpkin seeds candies, a handful of Twisties (haha, my weakness for this junkfood) and of course don’t know how many seeds of durian. This morning, I weighed myself on the scale and thankfully, it’s still at 43kg!

Ok, I better get down from the soapbox. To everyone out there who has not started on a exercise regime yet, I hope you get motivated and inspired by what I’ve written.

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New Toy Tunnel

This is the new toy that Daddy bought Alycia and Sherilyn yesterday from Toys R Us. Another bulky toy, a tunnel for them to crawl. This is quite a ‘healthy’ toy because crawling is known to be very beneficial for the development of the brain. In fact, crawling and creeping are highly recommended by Glenn Doman for kids with brain injuries.

Now, my house really looks like a playschool. There’s a school-bus tent, a school tent and now a tunnel. Anyone wants to bring your kids to my house to play? You are all welcome πŸ™‚

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Caught In Action

We were at Bread Talk at Mid Valley the other day and Sherilyn who is a bread lover went gila over all the bread and pastries on display. She went hopping round the shop and touched some of the buns, that looked sooooo appetizing. She especially got attracted to the buns with chocolate eyes and mouth decorated on top.

Despite mummy’s warning, Sherilyn couldn’t resist the temptation and continued touching and even put her finger into her mouth to lick after touching the bread. I quickly pulled her out from the shop before anyone saw us.

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