A Beautiful Sunday With A Pleasant Surprise

Today, we had buffet lunch at Lemon Garden Coffee House, Shangri-La Hotel. Guess who I chanced upon there? I was seated at the table at the coffee house terrace when I saw a cute little girl walking in. I thought she looked very familiar. I then turned around and saw this little girl’s elder sister. They’re Erica and Ellisa, the 2 lovely angels from Scribbles For My Angels. I then waited for E&E’s mummy to walk in before I said hi to her. What a small world this is.

Alycia holding a cray-fish.

Sherilyn ate nothing but bread sticks from the wide spread of delicious buffet food.

And health freak mommy wasn’t that health conscious today. I gorged on the sinfully mouth-watering desserts and my favourite was the passion fruit, banana yoghurt and strawberry ice-cream with lots of chopped peanuts, kidney beans and white chocolate from the white chocolate fountain.

Whilst Alycia has outgrown her fear of clowns, Sherilyn still has phobia of them and she was clinging on tightly to me for dear life like a koala bear as her body was trembling with fear.

I had wanted to snap a pic of both Erica and Ellisa with Alycia and Sherilyn but Ellisa was asleep and Erica shied away from the camera.
When we were at the colored sand arts and crafts corner outside the coffee house, I saw Erica there and took a picture of her with Alycia and Sherilyn. The girl in pink long sleeved blouse with long flowing hair is Erica

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