Blogthings – Do You Look Your Age

Saw this little fun quiz at Mommy to Chumsy’s blog and gave it a try. I had expected to get this answer too coz I know I look way younger than my age, ahem…. well can be good and can be bad. Bad coz sometimes ppl don’t take me seriously coz I look like a ‘tau kei mui’, especially when i’m not with my 2 gals and wear casually. Good coz I don’t look hagard and don’t look like my hubby’s aunty or mother, haha…

You Probably Look Younger Than Your Age

You live a healthy lifestyle and know how to take care of yourself.
You’ll probably have a youthful glow for many years.

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Tag : 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 Interesting Facts About Me

This wonderful new parent (The New Parent) has tagged me. I love visiting this new parent’s blog as he writes great articles on parenting and he gives good tips too.

Ok, here I go :

4 jobs I have had in my life :
1) Secretary in a bank
2) Human Resources officer in a bank
3) Personal Assistant to a Dato’ (Dato’ is a title conferred to a person by a Sultan)
4) Home Affairs Manager and private tutor to 2 beautiful girls with a measly pay from the big boss

4 countries I have been to on vacation :
1) Australia – Gold Coast, Melboure, Sydney
2) China – Beijing, Tianjin and Chengdu
3) Thailand – Bangkok, Haadyai, Phuket, Pattaya
4) Hong Kong – been there twice

4 of my favourite foods :
1) Japanese food – sashimi and grilled eel
2) Cream puffs
3) Anything cheesy
4) Durian

4 places I’d rather be right now :
1) In bed sleeping with no one disturbing me – it’s raining now and just the perfect weather to have a good nap

2) Ipoh – my hometown. I’m yearning to eat some good Ipoh grub like ‘kai see hor fun’ (flat noodles with shredded chicken meat with lots of crunchy ipoh bean sprouts in heavenly chicken & prawn broth), popiah, Hakka meatballs, Mun Choong Restaurant’s ‘kong chin har look’ (huge prawns pan-fried dried style in black sauce), seafood from Bukit Tambun Seafood Restaurant and fantastic unparalleled hawkers’ food from Kwong Heng Old Town Coffee Shop.

3) At the beach, lying on a hammock doing nothing but staring out at the ocean, smelling the fresh ocean breeze, listening to the waves beating the shores, sipping coconut juice and daydreaming.

4) At a spa and I need a good full body massage and a good soak in a tub filled with rose petals listening to my favourite jazz or r&b songs.

4 friends I am tagging :
1) Montessori Mom
2) Big Pumpkin
3) Mummy in Vain
4) Cherry

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Quota Maxed Out

Yesterday I was so happy when I saw quite a number of interesting offers from this advertiser’s website for me to grab but when I clicked on the ‘accept’ tab, I got a message from this advertiser stating that I’ve taken the maximum campaign offers for this month and that I can only check back on 1 Aug 07. Jeez… i was really dejected…. all the see no touch nice nice offers and some paying USD20 per review on easy to write product. It could have been mine, mine, mine….. I’ve really enjoyed writing reviews for this particular advertiser. They have very interesting products and services which got me impressed and tempted me to purchase too. Now, i just cant wait for another 2 weeks+ to start accepting offers from them again. It’s ok, one shouldn’t be so greedy. I’ll just relax and catch up on my severely deprieved sleep.

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Power of Distraction On Whiny Toddlers

Being a mother has never been easy. You’ve got to have tons of patience, endurance, emotional stability, physical and mental strength and a creative mind to come up with lots of ideas to distract in the hope of subduing a whining and crying toddler.

Sherilyn was whining away yesterday morning after her daddy had left the house for the office. She kept saying she wants daddy, she wants daddy and cried and whined as she sat on her potty for a good 15 minutes.
I tried to distract her with books and toys and cooked up silly stories to distract her but she wouldn’t buy mommies’ stories and same old silly tricks. My eyes were scanning the entire kitchen looking for something new to distract her and I spotted a bottle of dried star anise on the shelf. I took out one for her to touch and smell and voila….. Miss Spitty Spat Cry Baby’s eyes brightened up and she immediately let out a wide grin as she took the star anise and smelled it.

I think I should make a trip to the grocery shop today to shop for some new items to stock up which I can whip up at anytime to placate 2 whiny toddlers.

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